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We believe that our community has made LegacyAim what it is today, for this reason we take everything the community says on board and try our very best to always improve.

With our amazing staff and mature friendly community, you can be sure to always have an active, honest community when you need it the most.


Value is something we take alot of pride in. We have came to a concrete price range for all of our products what beats the competition.

When you pay for one subscription, you will gain access to every single cheat we provide for free! One subscription will allow you to have access to our full catalogue of cheats, thanks to our one subscription model.


Keeping your account safe from our supported anti-cheats is something we strive for, bare in mind nothing is 100% safe and there is always a risk regardless of the security techniques used.

If something is not fixed within 24 hours, you will be compensated by subscription time using our subscriber panel.

Anti-Cheats Supported

Our Supported Anti-Cheats

  • VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat)
  • MM (Anti-Untrusted)
  • SourceMod (SMAC Anti-Cheat)
  • CEVO (Anti-Cheat)
Cheats may vary on certain anti-cheats.



Now in my opinion, Zlitz is a extremely amazing cheat its best legit cheat I have ever used, with its amazing features this has to be the BEST legit cheat I have used so far, there are non I can think of that even come close to how legit zlitz look, I have been running it on a global account with over 1300 hours and 400 wins and no OW problems, No VAC problems Read Full Review... - zorakg

I am really happy to be part of this amazing community, even tho I know I dont write a lot due to the exams coming up, but watching people engage and collaborate is just amazing. I think that in this week of playing using 'Godly software' (it is amazing, you guys have to admit) i was able to write simple, but good review of the Legacy Aim. Read Full Review... - Treich

This hack is fantastic and I highly recommend it to anyone who is reading this and is interested in looking for a legit CS:GO hack, I doubt you'll find anything better. Read Full Review... - loonga1

The Recoil Control is a nice feature that makes you the less noticeable to cheating and I mostly put it in the middle so I don't spray to good with my Negev xD. This feature is a nice touch that would give me my nice headshots and sprays! 10/10 Read Full Review... - Sumo926

Overall I personally think the cheat is one off the best ones out on the market. The price is good and all the features are perfect. 10/10 ♥ Read Full Review... - Viggzd

Aimbot aka LEGITbot: This is probably the most customizable aimbot settings i've ever seen.
Never been overwatch banned using the cheat, and never will if you just fix the right setting. even at smoothness 5 you will probably not get banned. Aswell as it never fails. I rate this 10/10. Read Full Review... - Minismuts

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