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Why you should choose LegacyAim as your cheat provider

People Friendly

LegacyAim believes in good communication and a good community. This comes without saying, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our amazing community and an industry leading 5-minute support respond time. With our amazing staff and mature, friendly community, you can be sure to always have an active, honest community when you need it the most. Sign up and start to dominate today.


Building a life long relationship with our community is our absolute goal, we can only achieve this by being an open book with you all. We will always be loyal and here by your side when you need us. Legacy Software Group Ltd is a company you can trust, we hope too see you in the community.


We have been around the block, we have been here and seen it all. Our experience goes back years in game cheating, we understand what makes a cheat perfect and undetected. Performance and security in mind we have to ensure it’s also easy to install and play. Out of the box play, gamebreaking functionality.

What type of game cheat are you looking for?

Lite Edition

Lite Edition

Are you looking for a powerful Aimbot and some serious performance enchanting cheat features for CS:GO? Then look no further, our Lite Edition is strictly a legit cheat for CS:GO. If you are seeking visual assistance and other cosmetic functions, you should take a look into our Advanced Edition.

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Advanced Edition

Advanced Edition

Advance Edition is for those who want everything the platform has to offer. From the most demanding features such as a human like Aimbot with a handmade signature collection of humanisation to match your playstyle to a human like wallhack system. The cherry on the top is our cosmetic system, for our csgo cheat this means you’d never have to buy another skin.

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Private Edition

Private Edition

Private Edition is designed from the ground up to be the safest cheat package in the industry. Much of it's secuirty is owed to the unqiue application system. Look no further than our most prestigious subscription ever. All of the private applications are reviewed to make sure we maintain the highest level of secuirty.

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Undetected Game Cheats

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Our CS:GO cheat is made only for legit play. We have designed and developed all kinds of CS:GO cheats for more than 5 years, with our experienced team this truly makes us ahead of competitors. Confirming over 75.000+ purchases, LegacyAim is one of the most loved CS:GO cheats in the market. One of our longest undetection streaks is more than 2 years!