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Advanced Legit Aimbot

  • Aimbot
    • Psilent - Hides the aimbot movement for you and spectators.
    • Curve - Aimbot aims like a human would.
    • Non-Sticky - Doesn't hard lock on the enemy (you can easily drag your move away)
    • Recoil Control System - Assists you with the weapon recoil.
    • Humanise - Different Algorithms to make the aimbot more human looking.
    • Visibility Check - Check if an enemy is visible.
    • Smooth - Speed of the Aimbot (The lower the value the xxx the aimbot)
    • Field of view - Area of selection to aim within.
    • On-Key - Activate Aimbot when you press your selected key.
    • Enabled - Enable/Disable Aimbot completely.
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  • Accuracy
    • Curve Randomize - Randomises the curve aim.
    • Humanise Randomize - Randomises the aim points to act more like a human would.
    • Hitbox Selection - Set where the aimbot should aim at.
    • RCS Pitch & Yaw - Set the percentage amount the RCS should compensate the recoil.

Hitbox Triggerbot

  • Hitbox Triggerbot
    • Multi-Bone - Aim at multiple selected bones.
    • Legs - Aim at Legs.
    • Arms - Aim at Arms.
    • Stomach - Aim at Stomach.
    • Chest - Aim at Chest.
    • Head - Aim at head.
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  • Hitbox Options
    • On Key - Activate Triggerbot when you press your selected key.
    • Delay - Time the trigger waits before shooting.
    • Enabled - Enable/Disable Triggerbot completely.
    • Auto Fire - Automatically shoots when your crosshair is on the enemy.
    • Friendly Fire - Also shoot at teammates.
    • Through Smoke - Triggerbot works through smoke.
    • Aftershoot - Triggerbot keeps firing for some time before stopping.
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Visual ESP

  • Visual ESP
    • Recoil Crosshair - Draws a recoil crosshair which show where the next bullets hit.
    • Reveal Competitive Ranks - Shows the ranks of all players in the scoreboard.
    • Health Bar - Shows an Health bar.
    • Armor - Shows an Armor bar.
    • Weapon - Shows current equipped weapon.
    • Steam ID - Shows Player Steam ID.
    • Name ESP - Shows Player Names.
    • Bomb Timer - Shows the time left before the bomb explodes.
    • Glow - Draws an glowing outline around the player model.
    • Chams - Changes the colour of the player models.
    • HeadDot - Displays a dot at the center of the head.
    • Team - Shows visuals also on team.
    • Enabled - Enable/Disable Visuals completely.
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  • Visual ESP Filter
    • No Hands - Hides your hands on your screen.
    • No Smoke - Removes the smoke particles.
    • No Flash - Removes the flashing effect.
    • Show ESP With menu open - Also draws the ESP when the menu is opened.
    • No Hands Style - Removes hands.
    • Chams Style - Different options for the drawing of the chams.
    • Legit Style Chams - Only draws Chams when you have direct line of sight on the enemy.
    • Legit Style ESP - Only draws ESP when you have direct line of sight on the enemy.
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  • Miscellaneous Filter
    • RGB Color System - Full color system.
    • Show Spectators - Shows who is currently spectating you.
    • BunnyHop Humanise - Tries to BunnyHop like a human would (not every time perfect)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Panic Key - Disables all visual functions.
    • Knife Bot - Automatically knives.
    • Strafe - Automatically presses the keys needed to strafe, you just need to move your mouse.
    • Edge Jump - Jumps at the last possible moment.
    • BunnyHop - Automatically jumps at the perfect time to gain speed.
    • Chat Spam - Spam the chat with funny comments.
    • ClanTag Changer - Changes your clantag with "LegacyAim.com"
    • Auto Pistol - Hold down your fire key and it will shoot as fast as possible.
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Configuration & Cosmetics

  • Skin Changer
    • Glove Changer - Changes your Gloves.
    • StatTrak - Change the StatTrack of the Skin.
    • Seed - Change the Seed of the Skin.
    • Wear - Change the Wear of the Skin.
    • Knife - Changes your Knife.
    • Skins - Select the Skin you like the most on the weapon.
    • Weapons - Change the Skin of every weapon.
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  • Configuration Settings
    • Refresh - Reload the Config.
    • Delete - Delete unneeded Configs.
    • Load - Load specific Configs.
    • Rename - Rename Configs.
    • Save - Saves all changes into the Config.
    • New - Creates a new Config.
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