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Why Us?


We do everything we can to ensure our customers are safe when using LegacyAim. Our public privacy policy ensures we do not violent any procedures without your consent. All of our products are secure and ready to use for every game patch.


Never have to buy more than one subscription, for as little £0.22 a day you can start cheating in every game that we support. Our one subscription policy is truly the most competitive in the industry.

Legal Company

Never have to worry about who your money is going to. Our legal company is based in the United Kingdom and is ready to serve you as a professional regardless of the industry. Company number: 11023809


To build a successful company you need people who know what they are doing. Zlitz has over 10 years in business and our employees have all been thoroughly checked to ensure they are able to provide first class support and development.

Easy To Use

Unlike other providers you don't need to customise your operation system. Here at LegacyAim you simply download and load up the game.

Community Oriented

We listen to all of our friendly community members, we take everything every one says on-board and implements the best to our products and services. So if you got a suggestion, don't hold back! :)

Core Features

Legit Aim

Our aimbot for our csgo cheat is not only powerful for legit csgo cheating, but also good at keeping you undetected. We use advanced aimbot methods to keep your account safe when you use our csgo cheat.


We call our cheat section cosmetics because it's purely for fun and your eyes. We want you to enjoy every aspect of a game, this will include csgo cheat skins and more.


Easy to install out of the box play is something we strive for. You will not need any requirements to run our product on your machine. For example our stream proof csgo cheat will run perfectly on 99.99% machines.


Read real honest reviews about our products



After daily use I can say the aimbot is the best I have ever used compared to other cheats. I have played countless games and have never been called out for cheating.



The community is fantastic, always available and ready on hand with any bug fixes or information about certain aspects of the hack.



The security and staff is the best out there! Never been VAC banned when legit cheating. The staff are respectful to all members unlike most cheat providers.



Literally my favourite part, the customisation of this cheat is fantastic! The config system is great!

Server Status

You can check our live 24/7 server status for our game cheats and website anytime.


We offer a variety of payment methods, including BTC and PayPal.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated staff members are here to assist you regardless of the time. We have active employee staff to assist you with any concerns you may have. Our customer first policy is key.