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  2. Cosmo

    Thanks for the share!
  3. ragemanxxx

    Hi Guys ! Here's my simple setup for legit play . Let me know if you like it or not 😉 If you want to keep it simple use Legit version ! If you need extra power use Strong version ! HF 🙂 Ragemanxxx Legit.json Ragrmanxxx Legit Strong.json
  4. Devoo

    I've played with this config like 10 Matches and i love it! I would love it if you can make something like that for the remastered version!
  5. theLKCLANHQ

    use it as it is or use it as a base for yours. i used the one on here (forgot which one 😄) as a base for mine but made it look a bit more legit in my opinion :3 (for remastered cheat) LK.json
  6. 70x1c

    Open CFG file in notepad, press CTRL+F and type "tracetarget" after that select "tracetarget":true and delete it. it worked for me If someone's interested here is my CFG Legit_remastered.json
  7. heclod

    yes, me too
  8. neoxlgt

    Unknown setting tracetarget error while loading
  9. 70x1c

    Hi I'm looking for a good cfg legit under remastered beta
  10. Zlitz

    Simply place it in your csgo configs folder
  11. kaimas1

    hey how to import json cfg file?
  12. Zlitz

    Hello, Sharing my new legitbot configuration. Enjoy! 🙂 remastered-config.json
  13. azizx07

    I don't want to wait for you on your settings
  14. azizx07

    Hey bro, can u give me screenshot for triggered? setting best
  15. azizx07


    how do I load the configuration? I click nothing appears
  16. Havel

    After having trouble with configuring this cheat and feeling like I didnt have the best setting, I've decided to post my config. Any feedback would be appreciated. I love the ammount of customisation Legacy Aim offers, dont get me wrong. I would always like a second opinion though. MB4 activates triggerbot for SSG and AWP. Aimbot is as normal, with minor RCS settings. Thanks. Zweihander.txt
  17. infernal

    Unfortunately not. I only see the config(s) that I have saved.
  18. Zlitz

    This is fixed now?
  19. starix

    Ya on all weps 🙂
  20. starix

    Hi, Someone wanna rate or test out my legit config for high tier competitive? Test these settings, and tell me what you think! Are they to obvious? To little fov? I'm aiming for a natural feel of a pro player, watched a lot of cs 1.6 as of late and there you can really see their aim is rather "sticky" on the enemy.
  21. infernal

    ^ awesome sauce.
  22. Zlitz

    How strange! Will get this looked at asap!
  23. infernal

    Zlitz, I've added your config to my folder but it doesn't show up under "configs" when I'm in the menu. Even clicking "load config" and "reload config list" there's no configs unless I personally create and save one 😕
  24. Zlitz

    Done! Legitbot update.txt
  25. 17h

    Post here u cfgs for community