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    Looking to create a team in CEVO. UK/EU based ideally so that we can play together easily within a similar timezone. <3 All are welcome though as with enough players we could have a group of us playing in separate timezones. If anything we might seem more legit if we all have a similar 'sense'.

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    This is a top secret club.

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    Club for People in NA to find other people to play with :P

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    Post your most powerful rage/hvh configs here. If you use the configs here, there is a high chance of OW ban so dont use them on your main ;)

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    If Zlitz has a Tons Of fans I'm one of them. If Zlitz has a Million Of fans I'm one of them. If Zlitz has only one fan I'm the one. If Zlitz has no fan left It means I'm Dead..

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    Hello and Welcome to my club :) In here you will find my CFG's + some more exciting stuff.