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  • Community Guidelines

    Posting & Topics

    1. Use the search function before posting. Chances are your question has already been answered.
    2. Be nice to each other and respect the Staff. Profanity and insults will not be tolerated.
    3. You may only bump your threads every 24 hours.
    4. The official language is English. Outside the translator forum English is the only allowed language.
    5. All content on the forums must be written in English. Unless written in the pre-purchase section.
    6. Multi-Accounting is not allowed if a Staff member detects a user with multiple forums accounts, you will be permanently banned.
    7. No begging or posting referral links to any website is allowed.
    8. Racism/Discrimination of any kind is strictly forbidden.
    9. Asking for reputation is not allowed anywhere apart from the Community Guides section remember to make serious contribution to the guides section if you do so.
    10. Asking for suggestions to buy from another cheat provider that offers a same cheat as LegacyAim is forbidden.
    11. Tracked/Torrented/Illegal programs/software/scam-related-content is not allowed by any means on the forums.
    12. No posts regarding "When Will LegacyAim Be Updated?" of any kind (This applies to the chatbox as well).
    13. No software is allowed to be posted anywhere without consent from Staff members, fail to follow this rule you will be banned for up to 7 days.
    14. No Cross posting is allowed at any-time unless you are allowed to by a Staff member.
    15. Any marketplace type threads must be in the Marketplace area.


    1. Reselling is not allowed.
    2. Marketplace-Crossposting (Having two of the same threads at once) is not allowed.
    3. Sales trashing is forbidden. Members will receive a warning for doing so.
    4. You're allowed to bump your topic once every 24 hours.
    5. Posts such as "good luck selling","nice product",etc are considered spam & will lead to warnings.
    6. Drophacks are considered illegal and are not allowed to be sold about on LegacyAim. (Stressers are allowed as they can be used for legitimate purposes).
    7. Do not hijack a thread to sell your own items. These posts will be deleted & member will be warned.
    8. Try to do deals via PM system so we can assist you in case of getting scammed.
    9. When an account is sold, add [SOLD] tag to the topic title.
    10. If you are no longer selling the product/service, close the topic or report it.
    11. You are not allowed to post anything in the marketplace while having an open scam report.
    12. Vouch copies should only given to Exclusive Edition and above.
    13. Posting "scammer" in another member's thread isn't allowed.
    14. Don't complain on a seller's price, don't buy it if you don't like it.
    15. You are responsible for threads posted using your account even if its hacked.
    16. Be extremely careful when dealing with new members.
    17. Making your own TOS is not allowed and will be ignored.
    18. LegacyAim will not be held responsible for deals made by members.
    19. All the trades on LegacyAim should be made in the Marketplace section, regardless of content.
    20. We do not allow deals which are associated with credit card, bank, or identity fraud, nor any other type of illegal stock.
    21. If you have been scammed, please message a member of staff. Posting anything public will result in a ban.
    22. The official rules of the forum still apply.

    Spamming/Unnecessary Posting

    1. Spamming different forum topics with posts what has no relation to the actual topic is spamming and is not tolerated here, you will be warned if you do so.
    2. Do not post in topics what are older than 6 months.


    1. Do not flame members, it is unproductive and annoying for moderators to delete.
    2. Any disrespectful behaviour toward members (especially Staff) will result in a punishment.
    3. If you are a long standing member, act like one. Lead by example and assist other newer members rather then attacking them.
    4. Do not harass or attack other communities or their members.
    5. Global Forum Rules apply to any other form of communication (such as Discord) that is officially hosted by LegacyAim


    1. All of the forum rules apply to the chatbox.
    2. You may speak in the following language (English).
    3. No posting massive images, please just provide the URL to the image instead.
    4. No support in the chatbox, please make a thread.

    Disciplinary Measures

    1. Breaking the forum rules will inherently lead to a punishment by either warning points or a ban depending on severity of the infringement.
    2. Moderators can hand out warning points or bans at their discretion; an infringement of the forum rules is not mandatory.
    3. Every warning point or ban can be appealed by messaging Moderators or higher Staff members. Appeals will only be reviewed if the message explains the case and gives indication on why the punishment was unjust.
    4. Severe infractions will be immediately punished with a permanent ban.
    5. No forum account sharing is allowed, if we see that your IP does not match the one you signed up with we will take further action.
    6. If we see two different cheat authentications being sent without our consent you will be temporary banned and investigated.
    7. Staff will never ask you for your forum account password or anything what is sensitive information, if you have received message's about this please message Zlitz.