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  • Software Updates & Maintenance

    You understand that at any time a detection to our service can happen, this is us being extremely honest.

    Patches & Maintenance - If we are unable to provide a swift update on patch day under 24 hours, you will be compensated 24 hours back into your subscription time.
    Cheat detections - If a cheat detection occurs, every 24 hours of downtime for the cheat being offline you will be compensated with 24 hours worth of subscription time.

    We understand that you might not like our service, we won't get offended! We want to make sure you can get your money back if you do not like our service or if the software does not work on your machine for whatever reason.

    Not working on your machine - A refund can be given if the product does not work on your machine, read more about refunds on our terms of service page.

    Last update on 01 June 2018