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  3. Silent

    We do have an option to change chams color:
  4. cl6ut

    Id like to play with chams only, would be nice if i could change color etc.
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  7. Zlitz

    Simply place it in your csgo configs folder
  8. Sesquipedalian

    Give this game a try https://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/english I am fucking slow as ass
  9. Xero

    Looking for clips as of December 8th
  10. MrManiak

    Dangerzone Patch

    Fixed: Fixed crashes and problems with the Dangerzone update. Note: beta remastered fix coming soon.
  11. Earlier
  12. Zlitz

    Keeping it simple with the new update, all white
  13. kaimas1

    hey how to import json cfg file?
  14. Zlitz

    Thank you for the input! These features will be ported over however we are working on porting the trigger it over next. Thank you for the good feedback! +1
  15. Love that you guys are finally working on a stream proof version. Over all the cheat is looking and working great. Other then having to try to inject multiple times when I switch between it and the advanced version everything seems to work great. Things that I wish that were included: - Skeleton esp - Head marker - FOV visual for aim. As some one that rarely uses aimbots and only ever uses silent aim the difference between the two atm makes it unusable when trying to maintain a low fov. Since at least in demos recorded when tested in a private lobby it and the fact that when the player leaves the fov area (remastered version) the aimbot remains locked on it makes it alot more obvious to people watching. Other then that works great thanks for the hard work.
  16. Zlitz

    Hello, Sharing my new legitbot configuration. Enjoy! 🙂 remastered-config.json
  17. MrManiak

    Beta Update - New legitbot!

    Fixed: Category Enabled checkboxes not working or saving. Added: Legitbot Features better weapon-specific setting system that doesn't overwrite settings when "All Weapons" is edited. Features bug fix where the aimbot was not aiming at a target under specific circumstances. Features a target tracer that shows where the aimbot will aim before the hotkey is pressed. Features a better visual hitbox selector. Weapon icons Used as a gauge to show how many bullets are left within the enemies' magazine. Armor and defuse kit icons Please note that the Autowall feature and the Triggerbot are still being ported to the new code and are missing in this release.
  18. rizky

    This Cheat is very nice !!!!
  19. ZoSlow

    I have had so many accounts.. So I don't know. #ProCheater
  20. Silent

    Lmao. Well, not too much on my end. Like 200 would be pushing it.
  21. Silent

    Now that we got you all fixed up, you may download the loader from here: https://legacyaim.com/settings/sPannel/ Enjoy!
  22. Zlitz

    Hello, you are not a subscriber. Please make a ticket so we can assist you further.
  23. pikis201

    Depends on account, the last account that i use has 450hrs Total is around 5k+ hrs
  24. Zlitz

    Thank you for your honest review! +1
  25. Ferow

    Community & Staff: 9/10 I have recently got legacy again, I used to have a subscription almost a year ago and I always had help or a reply to any questions I asked. Aimbot: 7/10 I don't really use aimbot much. Hitbox Triggerbot: 8/10 The triggerbot is good but sometimes it doesn't shoot, this rarely happens. Visual ESP: 7/10 The visuals are good but can sometimes twitch and flicker. other than flickers it's good. Miscellaneous: 10/10 I only use rank reveal on miscellaneous but I now and again use recoil crosshair and that has no problems for me. Configuration & Cosmetics: 10/10 I think to menu is very user friendly and and the cosmetics are very good.
  26. Zlitz

    Thank you for your honest review! Hope you continue to use our services. 👍
  27. azizx07

    Community & Staff: 9/10 - Very Impressive, that awesome for fast respone Aimbot: 10/10 -The best aimbot everywhere, use easy and setting. Hitbox Triggerbot: 8/10 - Very fast for tap Visual ESP: ?/10 - i dont know i user lite edition Miscellaneous: 7/10 - Like for use jumpshot Configuration & Cosmetics: ?/10 - i dont know user lite edition Thankyou Legacyaim
  28. Silent

    Oof! True MVP. Let this be proof that we genuinely care about our customer's happiness. See you around a little longer!
  29. Zlitz

    We are pleased to announce our official Contributor rank. With this rank you will be able to do the following: Special forum rank 'Contributor'. Special Discord user rank. Access Subscriber area of our forums. Change your username every month. (Up to 2 times a month) All posts will be highlighted different compared to over users posts. 10% Discount credit for friends who wish to purchase our products. Direct communication on Discord in a group with all of our staff members. Access to early test cheats that aren't released yet. Larger community avatars. Can hide own content. Can lock own content. This is a one payment, lifetime subscription. Price including taxes is £19.95. View more information here about our new community product. Best regards, -The LegacyAim Team
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