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  3. tabh

    I think you have to turn on friendly fire for it to work in Danger Zone mode. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm fairly sure that's what I had to do to fix it.
  4. Last week
  5. Added: Cheat Scanner (Miscellaneous -> Cheat Scanner) Always Show Wallhacker warning Detection: < 0.5 likely not cheating > 0.5 likely cheating Chatbox (Unfinished) Crash fixes
  6. sensy

    or maybe yas
  7. Padremos

    I'd also really enjoy if there was an option to configure what button opened the cheat GUI.
  8. Zlitz

    Agreed, not sure why this was even a thing. We will get this fixed asap. Other suggestions will be added once APEX is released 👍
  9. PadazleHacks

    Yeah I agree, Dead body Chams mess with me. I shoot them so often.
  10. Silent

    Thanks for the detailed suggestions bud. I'm 100% confident that the coder will take a look at each and single one of these suggestions. But,I don't think these suggestions will be worked on promptly though, the cheat will have its final update this 15 and we'll move to another popular game cheat (soon to be announced). As soon as we finish that next cheat the coder will circle back to CS:GO and start working on suggestions. We do care about our customers.
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  12. aUser

    Also disable cham from dead body (if possible)
  13. ExEnN

    Thanks for the suggestions!
  14. venomized

    These are my unbiased opinions and suggestions - A more optimized and better working skin changer, as this skin changer is extremely broken and doesn't really work that well. - Inventory Changer - Better visual customization Chams opacity Chams reflection (phong etc...) Better stream chams, they arent synced with csgo models out of fov indicators Health chams (basically colors change depending on health) Health bar location should be changable - Legit bunnyhop (basically just normal auto bhop but with randomized ticks to look legitimate) - Target switch delay - Better name, indicator esp. - Potential name stealer? It just gets all names from the server and adds a "𒋾" to the end (which is invisible in game) and no one would notice. - Hitchance system on weapon triggerbot - First shot delay.
  15. Silent

    We do have a release notes section and it's right here: https://legacyaim.com/release-notes/
  16. PadazleHacks

    Could we get a section here under announcements or something dedicated to telling us whats been patched? Gets annoying figuring out what changes and what to use in the launch options. Also, is there a reason my skins work but dont save? Everything else in the config saves but skins.
  17. Youtube.com/finoose 10.6K average like 7K, not on my new videos tho cause im kinda dying out here.
  18. Added: Weapon ESP Draw Box Draw Box Outline Draw Name Bomb ESP Draw Box Draw Box Outline Draw Name Changed: Moved Grenade ESP to Entity tab Fixed: Aimbot snapping issue when looking directly up
  19. ByteMe

    Nobody sells external cheats because they're inferior to internal cheats in terms of functionality, and performance. An external cheat being less detectable than an Internal cheat is a myth.
  20. 15970147079

    I want a external cheat,do you have recommand?
  21. nstevgo22

    It's not working on dangerzone for me.
  22. Hey I really need help trying to make it so the client doesn't show stuff like wall hacks while recording with OBS can someone tell me what kind of stuff I would need to do? / settings I really unsure
  23. ExEnN

    As Fella said it's an internal cheat :) Do you have any other questions?
  24. GoodFella

    It is internal version sir.
  25. 15970147079

    is it an external cheat?or is it have internal version
  26. ByteMe

    As long as you do not inject the cheat into CS:GO while logged into your main account, you will be fine. Keep note that if you have a mobile number added on your main account, and you also add that mobile number on the account you plan on cheating with, if you get banned, all accounts with that mobile number added, will receive an infraction too. Another thing to keep in mind, is that if you share your steam game library with another account and receive a ban on the account you have shared to, the ban will also transfer to the account that originally shared the steam game library.
  27. just add the game to your library and it'll be there for permanent.
  28. GoodFella

    Well, Simply.. just use legit settings while you cheating. That means smoothness and FOV settings which are legit. You can find legit configs or make your own and play with the settings till you get a really good legit config. I used legit config for like 2 months and never even got reported (maybe a couple).
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