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  3. spraggroat

    Turn off all legit settings, turn on the triggerbot, set the only hitbox to the head. Max that FOV!
  4. Cosmo

    Hey man, just play around with the settings on your own. Decrease smooth, increase FOV etc...
  5. Last week
  6. shagg

    Hello guys. I need some help. I want an config hvh onlly 1 taps but no spinbot. 1taps on deagle and ssg. I want to play some nonprime 4fun. Thx PS For advenced version
  7. Zlitz

    Dear Community, At Legacy Software Group Ltd we want to welcome a new developer to join our amazing team. We are seeking for an ambitious reverse engineer to join us. If you do not know by now we are planning to expand to other games, however doing so is going to require our team to grow first. Requirements: Experience in C++ programming language for developing game cheats. Knowledge to reverse engineer new games in a swift fashion to bring product to our market. Identifying anti-cheating algorithms and being able to develop technologies to keep our product secure. You must be deadline-oriented, able to problem solve and be in-depth with your ideas and strategies. Benefits: We offer profit sharing for products sold on our platform. The better the product, the better the profits. Additional: Legacy Software Group Ltd is a fully registered legal company based in the United Kingdom. You can view our company website here. If you have what it takes fill out an application. You will be notified within 24 hours if you have been accepted or not for the lead developer role. Kind regards, -Legacy Software Group Ltd
  8. LvKafija

    i play MM rarely so i can tell that i have 1k+ hrs with LegacyAim on this acc
  9. I have 127 wins using LegacyAim. No vac bans or anything. What's yours?!
  10. LvKafija

    No SC2 hack here anymore :C Only CSGO hack and realy good thou 🙂
  11. Cosmo

    Not here there isn't
  12. Hammo

    Is there any hack available for sc2?
  13. jonatan127

    Unofficial steam group. Feel free to join. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/zlitz
  14. Earlier
  15. Also really looking for this feature, as it's really handy with other internals. When they fast walk, you put a x or whatnot where they stepped, within a reasonable distance of the player. Really looks legit and you can even help the team and be the headphone god in lower ranks.
  16. spraggroat

    Simplier version of that system: a grenade waypoint. You have a small menu for point for grenades that you can name, then you press a hotkey while looking at a wall to create a point there, go to the menu and name it what you like, maybe a checkbox to enable and per map checking. That way you know the exact aimspots and can have them saved, but it would look like legit memory using map points anyhow.
  17. Zlitz


    Please read here: https://legacyaim.com/faq
  18. Jytan1298


    Okay thx will buy tmr and try it! If there are not work for me, i can refund issit? Hopefully will work.
  19. Zlitz


    Simple install the loader, ensuring your firewall options are turned off and boom. That's it.
  20. Jytan1298


    Bcus i will only play at internet cafe, and i can't use insanitycheats bcus of this reason. After purchase i can't launch. So how the process to go for installing? After purchase just download and use it?
  21. Zlitz

    Please use this thread:
  22. Jytan1298

    Is the cheat required the fixed and same HWID? Which mean can i change computer to use this cheat and without consider HWID? And is any members had this problem before? The problem are fail to load system service 0xC0000428.
  23. Zlitz


    You can request a hwid change at anytime and it's free. So if you change to two machines frequently and there is nothing fishy going on it wouldn't be a problem. Not heard of this error: "fail to load system service 0xC0000428. " here.
  24. Jytan1298


    I want to ask is this website needed the fixed and same HWID? Which mean i can't change computer? And is there any members had this problem before? fail to load system service 0xC0000428.
  25. Cosmo

    Could be a useful feature, we'll discuss it and see if it could be implemented successfully in the future 🙂
  26. Cosmo

    Glad you all love the cheat!
  27. Grenade bounce pathing. ie: you see how the grenade will bounce across walls ect. useful when playing maps you dont usually play, and making sure you are aiming in the right spot for tricky grenades. Automatic smokes/flashes. ie, you hold down throw with a grenade in hand while standing in a certain location, a small indicator shows up on the screen for where to aim to get perfect long smokes/flashes. This one seems like it would be a ton of work, mainly from getting nade positions on each map, but would be a really unique feature that I dont think anyone has.
  28. Silent

    /Solved =)
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