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  • How long has LegacyAim been around?
    LegacyAim in general has been around since 2013, however we have gone under a different name "zlitzforum" which was abolished and since 2015 redesigned into LegacyAim.

    Does the CSGO Cheat support all dangerzone?
    Yes our csgo product supports the entire game and it's respective modes. Both Advanced and Lite edition support Casual, Matchingmaking, Prime & DangerZone.

    How long does it take for bitcoin payments to go through?
    Once the blockchain network has confirmed the payment, you will be automatically placed into the subscriber group. However this can take up to 3 hours.

    How long does it take for paypal payments to go through?
    PayPal is always active, meaning you will be instantly placed into the subscriber group once the purchase has gone through.

    Can I use this on any operating system?
    We support the following windows operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10. However we do not support Linux or Mac. We do not support any virtual machines.

    What's Exclusive Edition?
    A lifetime subscription to "Advance Edition" that we use to sell in 2017, however in December 2017 we decided to close down anymore new sales to the subscription.

    Can I ask for a refund?
    You can view our terms of service here, it will contain all of the information regarding refunds there.

    Can I get a free trial?
    No. We do not offer trials.

    Can I use LegacyAim on third party anti-cheats? (Leagues - ESEA, EAC, CEVO etc..)
    Yes, however we do not support any third party anti-cheats officially, meaning if you are requiring support on third party anti-cheats you will have to ask our community who is using LegacyAim on the respective anti-cheat. We only officially support the first party anti-cheat the game supported is using.

    What Payment Methods are supported?
    PayPal, and CoinPayments(BTC & ETH). If you are looking for something different, then please make a post here.