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Testimonial of Latest hack (Forgot name)

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Just want to begin by saying I would like to Personally thank @Zlitz for making this all possible, Without him most of this wouldn't be a thing and I also want to thank the Dev and staff for doing a splendid job on Coding the hack, Along with Managing most of the impatient community.



Aim-Bot 9.5/10

The aim-bot is extremely effective and fast depending on your play style, It gets the job done for being focused on Legit play and is very sharp In terms of Pin point Accuracy and Bone randomization. Only notable issue which may be on my end is the RCS, I'm not used to it due to the fact I've used stronger Recoil Based Systems And It seems weak. Probably my settings to just disregard it if it's nothing serious.


ESP 10/10

It's sharp and clean cut, Boxes suite my OCD and the Customization for the Glow ESP is amazing. nice options such as seeing their weapon,name,distance, and Health. Nothing else to say about it really.


Trigger-Bot 10/10

Gets the job done, Nice delay and amount of bullets you spray, Good hot key listing.


Radar/Bunny-Hop 10/10

Beginning with the Radar, It's good for legit play and does what a radar is supposed to do, Having dot's as enemies Listed as red and blue for CT AND T and there really isn't much to say about it.

Bunny-Hop is nice and smooth, I don't find myself using it much however when I do I notice that It does not land Consecutive jumps In-Terms of gaining an exceptional amount of speed but that's perfect for legit play.


Over All 9.5/10

It's amazing and I honestly love taking a break from being a known rager on mm to just sit back and be legit once In a while. Though some people are facing Injection problems, Along with Crash Issues and the #Beepening, It works fine for me and I have no issues at all. I hope to be apart of this community until whenever and Wont be leaving anytime soon. Zlitz is a good man and just wants to release a cheat and all this back-lash and negativity shouldn't be directed to a man who doesn't strive for anything else but greatness



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Awsome. I agree with the things you've written. Thanks for your review ^^!

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The name currently is "Hybrid Z1", I am not sure how long that name will stay, but for now it is a decent temporary name as we can branch off the name.

Regardless, I really appreciate your review! :)

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