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lobby id ffffffffffffffff - Cant join any servers or games

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Hey, up until recently my CSGO and the cheat has been working fine for me. One week ago, my CS started acting weird. When ever I join a server, Im either stuck in the loading screen with nothing happening or I'm a spectator, unable to switch teams. This happens to me on all my 3 accounts and I've tried redownloading CS, verifying game files and I dont have any cfg.


When i then check the console all I get is this error message "Server using 'public' lobbies, requiring pw no, lobby id ffffffffffffffff"


I cant really find an answer on the internet although it seems a lot of people have had the same problem, so I was hoping anyone has a solution

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Moved to the right section. Regarding your CSGO problem, I cannot help you i'm afraid as I've not seen such thing yet.

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