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Footsteps (Easy Legit Visual Feature, No Need For Walls/Visual Check)

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Alright, straight to the case.




So the gist of the feature is that a small text is displayed at the very location and instance that it is made.

This is meant to neutralize the playing field between somebody that has potato equipment versus somebody that spent big bucks on some ridiculously adept headphones where they would catch more than you would simply because of bank.


While they can hear footsteps from a certain distance, you would need somebody to literally jump a crate's worth of distance before you can hear them stomping around. This is meant to change with experience and fine tuning so you can pick up on the subtle effects a player makes when they don't walk, and of course you would punish them accordingly. However, this feature makes all of that much easier. The upsides and downsides are as follows;



  • Even playing field in terms of equipment. No headphone is better than the other as the footstep text is displayed on your screen wherever the sound is made + whenever it is made.
  • If anyone calls on you for knowing their position, it's likely (And actually accurately) because they were stomping around and you can tell them exactly that. So if someone is walking or not within hearing distance, you wouldn't know they were there as you normally wouldn't, so good on them.
  • Should be simple to implement. As for font, not entirely sure what you'd use but I'd imagine it'd be one that looks decent as small text. Last thing you need is a bunch of text all over your screen, so small text simply saying "Step" whenever someone makes a footstep sound + wherever they made it and have it fade away less than/about a second later.
  • Improves gamesense as you're able to tell the distance to which footsteps are heard and how you're able to punish others for stomping around while teaching yourself when to walk and when it's alright to be Usain Bolt.
  • Also enables somebody to blast music and not worry about footsteps as they are now visually expressed. Of course, have your music as loud as you want with respect to the mics of your allies, but even then you're able to raise your allies mics independently (voice_scale + other sound settings)
  • Occlusion already depends on the location of the model versus the sound they make, so implementing this shouldn't be much of a hassle. Then again, finding the location of the model and providing a visual display hasn't ever been a hassle, it's only considering sound that should take some time to work around. 


  • If you're unaware of your own footsteps/have shit movement, they could counter the feature by punishing you (Note when I say punish, I either mean prefire or outplay by going somewhere else/pop-flashing/etc)
  • If the font/size/fade time isn't rightly tuned, it can pose a visual problem either through FPS or just abundance of text on-screen

And that's about it. If you can think of anything that I should add here, let me know. I got the idea from somewhere a while back but still to this day can't remember where. This is why you don't look for inspiration in the AM hours  :P

Either way, I remember seeing it in play and it was definitely something I'd love to see added. If anyone knows what I'm talking about and wouldn't mind sharing an image/visual representation, I'd definitely appreciate it and add it to the thread.


Cheers to the team for a sweet client, looking forward to the upcoming update and features :D


Much love,


- Mr.Dux

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This is a fantastic idea! I'll get @@Rufle to comment here and see if the ol' boy can add this in! I hope the game can let us add this in. +1

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Really good idea if im understanding it correctly. So its like a sound esp but only when its actually hearing distance from you, if not correct me. But if thats the case then sounds like a great idea. :)

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Also really looking for this feature, as it's really handy with other internals. When they fast walk, you put a x or whatnot where they stepped, within a reasonable distance of the player. Really looks legit and you can even help the team and be the headphone god in lower ranks.

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