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New community [info]

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Welcome to our new community! For now there is a few things that is still porting over as speak. Such as the header background, some cheat pages and our subscriber panel.

We highly recommend you review the following pages:

  • Install your new cheat here.
  • Read our new community features here.

Please remember that not everything is online and fully working as of yet. This may include the cheat.


Here is everything that needs to be fixed/changed.

*https://legacyaim.com/csgocheat-advance/ | *https://legacyaim.com/csgocheat-lite/ | *Journey needs to be ported.

  • There is still no background image like there use to be: http://prntscr.com/ky9c7w
  • Redirect all "community.legacyaim.com" links to "legacyaim.com"
  • This link "https://legacyaim.com/counter-strike-global-offensive-cheat" needs to be redirected to "https://legacyaim.com/"
  • Checkout text needs to be changed to white. http://prntscr.com/ky9rgr
  • Full Register account page don't work. Theme error.

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