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Cheat and website is back online! Enjoy. :winkypepe:

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Remastered critque

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Love that you guys are finally working on a stream proof version. Over all the cheat is looking and working great. Other then having to try to inject multiple times when I switch between it and the advanced version everything seems to work great. 

Things that I wish that were included:

- Skeleton esp

- Head marker

- FOV visual for aim. As some one that rarely uses aimbots and only ever uses silent aim the difference between the two atm makes it unusable when trying to maintain a low fov. Since at least in demos recorded when tested in a private lobby it and the fact that when the player leaves the fov area (remastered version) the aimbot remains locked on it makes it alot more obvious to people watching.

Other then that works great thanks for the hard work.

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Thank you for the input! These features will be ported over however we are working on porting the trigger it over next. Thank you for the good feedback! +1

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