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Awareness - Scan for cheaters in CSGO

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Dear community,


We have created a custom algorithm that is able to detect if members in-game are cheating. Our algorithm consists of over 100+ functions to verify if a user in your game is cheating or not. I will display some of the functions as an overview below. We're happy to present to you 'Awareness v1.0' here:


As you can see the layout is very simple and easy to read. We hope you like this brand new unique, never been done before feature.

We can detect the following:

  • Subtle aimbot
  • Subtle wallhacks
  • Subtle triggerbots
  • Player profile information
  • Player movement
  • Player rank
  • Rage cheating

and much more...

We can now officially scan for cheaters in-game but VAC can't :kappa:


Kind regards,

-The LegacyAim Staff

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