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Legit Playing Guide by redpotato

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Legit Playing Guide


Hello ladys and gentleman, today i want to present you my short legit playing tutorial. I think a know a little bit of legit playing with cheats.


Structure: - Why you should play legit?

                  - Requirements

                  - Nogo´s

                  - Recommendations

                  - Avoid Ban

                  - Closing Words



1. Why should you play legit?


- more fun

- no Overwatch Ban

- dont piss of People that much

- reach a nice Rank

- be succesful at Leagues

- hide Cheating from your Friends





- Good Configurable + Undetectet Hack -> ZLITZ´s Cheats


- Good Legit Config (Enough in Forum)





- Rage Hacking (with Rage Config wich means that people see youre obviousely cheating)

- Would NOT recommend to use Visuals! (Maphack is OK when you can avoid playing extremely on Map)

- To Strong Trigger/Aimbot wich means that you should configure it that its not that obvious





- Allready an amount of Skill in this Game (for Movement, Crosshairplacement etc.)

- Steam Profile should show that you understand how that Game works (Playhours and stuff)

- Follow Admin/Mod/User advices to keep you undetectet -> don´t risk your Account

- Try multiple Configs wich fits you Best, dont use the first you find, try out more to see what´s Legit for you.



Avoid Ban


- Follow Admin Instructions

- Cheat with Brain

- Play Legit



Closing Words


Thank you guys for reading my Guide, i hope i could help you with it. If you have questions wich go more into detail -> PM me.

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Great read +1

I will sticky this thanks for the contribution!

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