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    Boo Stairs' 10 11 12 step guide to not being overwatched or kicked (This is my personal guide, you don't need to agree but please give some feedback <3) 1. Learn to play the game without cheats. It's meant to assist and not be crutch. 2. Movement movement movement! Better players can easily spot people who are cheating based on how they move compared to how well they are doing. (Unless you are in casual, everyone blames everyone for cheating) 3. small FOV's for legit bot! (Never always on, have that hotkey set it LMB 💀 ) 4. small delays with triggerbots to make it seem lifelike 5. Don't say you're a smurf or have smurf in your name. 6. Scale your cheats based on your rank. This coincides with #5 7. Hitting more than 4-5 bhops perfectly at low level is a big no no. 8. Don't act like a dick (Most important one owo) 9. Try to not use walls if possible, easy to spot them if you seem like you know too much. 10. Communicate with your team, actually making friends in games makes you unsuspecting. 11. If someone accuses you, try to either ignore him or make it sounds like joke. (Optional if you're good at thinking up stuff at the spot) 12. Make some hotkeys for map switching for casual to avoid random kicks .-.
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    As long as you do not inject the cheat into CS:GO while logged into your main account, you will be fine. Keep note that if you have a mobile number added on your main account, and you also add that mobile number on the account you plan on cheating with, if you get banned, all accounts with that mobile number added, will receive an infraction too. Another thing to keep in mind, is that if you share your steam game library with another account and receive a ban on the account you have shared to, the ban will also transfer to the account that originally shared the steam game library.
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    Alright, Thanks for the quick answer!
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    Hi guys, just wanna sharing my experience with LA (LegacyAim).. i've been trieed a few cheats before LA, and i tried 1 again to compare with LA.. but stills... the easier, simply, and magnificent one is the one and only Legacy Aim.. like forreal just tried the others if u dont believe me.. their complexity is driving me nuts.. for me LegacyAim is the best so far 🙂
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    Add one color for hide esp box , and one color for vizible esp box.
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    Thanks for the suggestion! As Silent said. It will be added in the near future :) Any other suggestions ?
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    I think you're referring to some kind of "Visibility Check" the same that our old advanced edition had. It's already been suggested and it'll be out in a future patch very soon.
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    Hey guys please feel free to post your configurations here: https://legacyaim.com/forums/forum/228-cheat-settings/?do=add
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    Good evening gentlemen, I was wondering if you guys had any active discount codes or even a referral system for members? I can support you by advertising your service on my social media accounts or even v3rmillion (a very active exploiting and selling forum). Please let me know if this interest the expansion of this company.
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    Hi doll, Thanks for reporting this issue, I have now fixed it. The fix will be released in the next update.
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    I'm probably one of the first few hundred to join this forum since the announcement of the new "League of legends scripts". Just wanted to pop in and say hello to all the OG's on this forum!. I would love to find a way to contribute, but I don't really play cs:go. I'm also in my last year of college for cybersecurity so I have basic skills in all aspects but I mainly just like to look around and learn as much information as possible. Respectfully, Sleepynut
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    I know i listen to shit music but i like my countrys music, im patriotic as fuck :D
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