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    Dear community, We want to say thank you for joining us on this adventure so far. But the journey has to continue! Hopefully we didn't give anyone a heart attack, we just want to use your attention on the fact that we have a 40% discount. The April fools sale will end on the 06 April. Use the coupon code: "fooled" on checkout! Kind regards, -Z
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    Welcome to our humble CS:GO cheating platform. If you have any questions/doubts don't hesitate to let us know.
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    So, this guide is going to talk about configs. How to open, create, and explain in general. So, the Configs are TXT files for the Lite version. And JSON files to the Remastered version. And you can download them at the forum itself or make your own. So, we'll start with the file location, a question I've seen asked more than once on the site - Starting from the download, everything starts from the beginning. Download the Loader from the site and just put it in a folder or create a folder (priority). Then download the config you want from the site and then after you have downloaded the Config, put it in the Loader folder ---> Configs. If you are using Remastered, put it in the Loader folder -> Configs --> CSGO. And very simply, open the Client course as Administrator. Inject and then press Insert to go to Configs and find the Config you downloaded. To create a Config - Click Insert and go to Configs. Choose a name for your config and then click Create. You will then see your Config in the list. Then go to Legitbot / Other Features and choose what you want. Your settings, and any feature you want to be active. Then click Save Config and then enter the TXT file to verify that the changes have indeed occurred. And that's it; you have your own config :). Do not forget to post it to us;) ** Example of my loader's folder location, I just created a folder and placed the loader there. https://gyazo.com/6d9d3772d1f6b4dff8df0e197e2c61a4 Why did I write this? Because some people have been placing the loader in the desktop and then fail to locate the loader/config folder. **
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    I'm probably one of the first few hundred to join this forum since the announcement of the new "League of legends scripts". Just wanted to pop in and say hello to all the OG's on this forum!. I would love to find a way to contribute, but I don't really play cs:go. I'm also in my last year of college for cybersecurity so I have basic skills in all aspects but I mainly just like to look around and learn as much information as possible. Respectfully, Sleepynut
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    legit, no visuals rcs 😄 Ima post it today after I get the settings right, its awesome
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    the lost game was a spinbot :flappa:
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    Hi Guys ! Here's my simple setup for legit play . Let me know if you like it or not 😉 If you want to keep it simple use Legit version ! If you need extra power use Strong version ! HF 🙂 Ragemanxxx Legit.json Ragrmanxxx Legit Strong.json
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    I used 0.75 - 1.5 FOV. I also only Select Head, Neck, Upper, lower chest and belly for hitboxes as my crosshair placement is generally somewhat decent. No RCS or Standalone RCS, I use a recoil crosshair myself instead and replicate the pattern as its easy enough till 10 rounds or so. Again, walls only when im dead as overwatch has no way around that for the time being.
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    Yes as i dont want to be obvious and have some kind of challenge In ranked games I have around 30 kills per game Without cheats my skill is legendary master eagle so my aim is preety good
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    Fov 7 RCS 💯% after 2 days of constant playing nobody said even once that I have something.
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    Legit ofc with imba settings
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    Some time ago when I was using other supplier one thing really impress me. It was a tool where you can turn off all the stuff which your cheat require To run properly , firewall, uac controll etc. A little bit of hustle can save you guys time with same problems appearing for new users .
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    Good suggestion! In our new loader updates I will be sure to do what we can.
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    This is old now, but yeah we have done some updates to the RCS. It's now 1000% better. @Voided
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    Im.nit at gome currently but my best was 37-10 Used- Legit config, rcs.
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    So I got bqck to csgo and realized that there is a legit options. I was curios about some cheats till I found legacyaim. I saw there is no detections and high quality codes. I bought it and started to configure my legit settings till I found the best I can to survive at dmg-lem at the moment. Its working perfectly, I win alot of games, the support is awesome, the cheat is awesome. Soon I will make kind of a fragmovies using legacyaim so you'll see how high quality it is. The best cheat so far and it will remain the best! Community staff: 10/10 So far best support I could get Aimbot: 10/10 Using the legit settings, working like a charm, i feel like a pro! Hitbox Triggerbot: 8/10 I still didn't found the best settings but its a beast imo Visual ESP: ?/10 Using lite version. Miscellaneous: 10/10 Tried RCS and bhop, rcs one of the best I saw and bhop working like a charm! Configuration & Cosmetics: 10/10 Easy to.manage, easy to.configure. Other: 10/10 Best cheat so far, the best out there!
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    Hi, Someone wanna rate or test out my legit config for high tier competitive? Test these settings, and tell me what you think! Are they to obvious? To little fov? I'm aiming for a natural feel of a pro player, watched a lot of cs 1.6 as of late and there you can really see their aim is rather "sticky" on the enemy.
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    Nice guide, but it's a bit of an overkill. Guess security and myths are alike