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    Dear community, We want to say thank you for joining us on this adventure so far. But the journey has to continue! Hopefully we didn't give anyone a heart attack, we just want to use your attention on the fact that we have a 40% discount. The April fools sale will end on the 06 April. Use the coupon code: "fooled" on checkout! Kind regards, -Z
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    First off I would like to say this cheat is amazing. Sure, there are some bugs (only one i have experienced is crashing after a few games or so but i just re inject and play again!). Lets begin with the aimbot. Aimbot After daily use I can say the aimbot is the best I have ever used compared to other cheats. I have played countless games and have never been called out for cheating, even when being a tryhard and upping it up a little so my team could come back. The humanization is absolutely perfect and can make you appear to be a pro player with ease. Additionally, the customization options are great. Triggerbot I personally do not use it as much, mostly with a scout or an AWP. Though, just like the aimbot, the customization like burst and delay make it a wonder to use and appear totally legit to any opponent spectating Visuals Man I love these visuals. I don't use chams, mostly esp and skeleton, The customization options (feel like im rambling on about them, but they really are wonderful to have) are plentiful and useful, and as a user who has purchased many cheats in the past I can say these are the best i have used. Misc + Skin changer Not much to say about the skin changer, everyone already knows how cool it is to have the skin/knife/glove you always wanted to have. As for the misc features go, I love them as well. Everything works as it should and thats all I could ever ask for To summarize. My time using this cheat has been the best legit cheating experience I have had, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a legit cheat with tons of customization, friendly community, and great staff.
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    There's a checkbox for the outline now. Enjoy!
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    PashaTriceps โ™ฅ -Respect!
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    Welcome to our humble CS:GO cheating platform. If you have any questions/doubts don't hesitate to let us know.
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    I really thank you for the time you took into making this review, it's quite thorough, We do enjoy to keep our customers happy, and we enjoy making them feel like they are being heard; that their suggestions matter to us. We have huge and exciting announcements coming out soon, stay tuned.
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    Dear Community, As you all know we will always support CS:GO and add new innovative features when we come up with ideas but you can only do so much before it becomes a novelty. We have had this idea of an invite only Ragebot for a long time now, but since CSGO is now a free game it seems like a good move for us to work on something that more and more users now want. How can I be invited? You can only be invited by the official LegacyAim staff. To be invited, you have to build trust and show that you are a worthy user. We are trying to build a set of highly skilled individuals who understand the HvH scene. We don't want this to be an "extra set of features" we want to get deep with this and challenge our competitors. Our goals with the Ragebot? We are trying to build the best Ragebot for all games not just CSGO. CSGO is without a doubt the most hack vs hack'ed game, so with this our intentions are to build a solid set of users who are experts within this scene to enhance our product. We don't want to settle for the normal Ragebot, we want to compete with the best. We believe we have the software engineering skillset to do this, so let's do this together. Extra price? Orr?? There is no additional payments on our packages, all you just have to be in is the "Advanced Edition & Contributor" user groups. We will never accept payments or "donations" for this invite, it will strictly be given to users who we think are competent to use such settings. The last thing we want is to give this power to novice cheaters. Data and your feedback will make this Ragebot the best in the business. Kind regards, -The LegacyAim Staff
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    We are pleased to announce our official Contributor rank. With this rank you will be able to do the following: Special forum rank 'Contributor'. Special Discord user rank. Access Subscriber area of our forums. Change your username every month. (Up to 2 times a month) All posts will be highlighted different compared to over users posts. 10% Discount credit for friends who wish to purchase our products. Direct communication on Discord in a group with all of our staff members. Access to early test cheats that aren't released yet. Larger community avatars. Can hide own content. Can lock own content. This is a one payment, lifetime subscription. Price including taxes is ยฃ19.95. View more information here about our new community product. Best regards, -The LegacyAim Team
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    Hello, We have been working on the new optimisation update that will provide the following; Drastically improved product performance. Easy to port to other games. Stream proof visual functionality. These three things are important for the future of our platform. We want you to test our product and give us your feedback. You will be able to use the beta Thursday - 8 November 2018. Please remember that not all of our features have been ported yet. Kind regards, -The LegacyAim Staff Team
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    Dear Community Users, Our upgrade to our newly improved community has been a long time in the making, but we are finally here with lots of golden cherries and other trinkets you are going to love. Please grab a cuppa and take a read at your new community. LegacyAim 3.0 Security Upgraded our backend to support the new encryption. We also added HTTPS. Something IPB3 would just never allow us to do due to our intense custom applications and fraud systems. Many other bits and bobs that cannot be discussed publicly, but incase you didn't noticed we also upgraded our privacy policy and other documents a while back to support the new GDPR that came out this year. We highly recommend you read this if you haven't already. Design Most noticeable change is our design, in the next month or two this is going to change even more. So prepare for that, however the centred theme is the same with more dark and eye friendly coloring to help you ease yourself into our seductive platform and features. Check out some rough snippets of what will be changing. Clubs We see you in your Steam groups with all of your cheating buddies, but now it's time that you and your LegacyAim friends have an exclusive club here on LegacyAim where you can share exclusive configurations and other secretive information only you and your exclusive members can know. Did I mention it can be exclusive? kappa Topics You have seen it already, but the massive blue button that allows you to make a post is now even easier for you. You should use this button to ask for help or interact with our community. Awards You've seen a little sneak peak at this one as well right? Well we have plans to make this integrated into your game and award you on your total kills and much more! Stay tuned for more updates on this. For now it will be used for community things such as what subscription you have brought and how many posts you have. Reputation Instead of the boring up vote or down vote, you may now do exactly the same but with a slice of gaben and some other funky emotes to show your love towards a certain post. Chatbox Yeah we upgraded this to a more responsive version of our old legacybox. Improving message times by 5 seconds to instant and allowing more responsive functions for your mobile. We have also added way more emoticons and other fun things such as spotify link sharing and leaderboard ranking. Commands and in-game functionality will be arriving super soon! Journey Upgrade So we got board of just telling you "hey we fixed this and added this" we want to display a complete roadmap for the whole project. We cannot show everything but feature wise we want to display to you that we aren't just relaxing with our feet up talking to you all, we are testing and adding in new features every minute. (Unless we are asleep, then I would be lying... alyssa ) Server Status Upgrade We changed the theme and layout of our server status. We have plans to also make it automatic, because right now it's just a super basic manual input system where we put in manually if something is offline etc.. but we are designing the API to make it check if the cheat don't work or is offline for X reason. It will also be displayed in real time for everyone to see. More Payment Methods We use to manually approve users for there ETH and BTC payments, now it's all automatic and in the store just like Paypal. There is much.... much more that has been added, however this is what is documented for now. Check it out, make a post or two and get friendly! Yours Faithfully, -The LegacyAim Staff 2018. @Zlitz, @Unique, @MrManiak, @Cha0s, @Noname, @FaceSteel Credits to @Sanctuary who kickstarted our community upgrade!
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    I'm probably one of the first few hundred to join this forum since the announcement of the new "League of legends scripts". Just wanted to pop in and say hello to all the OG's on this forum!. I would love to find a way to contribute, but I don't really play cs:go. I'm also in my last year of college for cybersecurity so I have basic skills in all aspects but I mainly just like to look around and learn as much information as possible. Respectfully, Sleepynut
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    legit, no visuals rcs ๐Ÿ˜„ Ima post it today after I get the settings right, its awesome
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    the lost game was a spinbot :flappa:
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    Hi Guys ! Here's my simple setup for legit play . Let me know if you like it or not ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you want to keep it simple use Legit version ! If you need extra power use Strong version ! HF ๐Ÿ™‚ Ragemanxxx Legit.json Ragrmanxxx Legit Strong.json
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    I used 0.75 - 1.5 FOV. I also only Select Head, Neck, Upper, lower chest and belly for hitboxes as my crosshair placement is generally somewhat decent. No RCS or Standalone RCS, I use a recoil crosshair myself instead and replicate the pattern as its easy enough till 10 rounds or so. Again, walls only when im dead as overwatch has no way around that for the time being.
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    Fov 7 RCS ๐Ÿ’ฏ% after 2 days of constant playing nobody said even once that I have something.
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    Legit ofc with imba settings
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    Some time ago when I was using other supplier one thing really impress me. It was a tool where you can turn off all the stuff which your cheat require To run properly , firewall, uac controll etc. A little bit of hustle can save you guys time with same problems appearing for new users .
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    Good suggestion! In our new loader updates I will be sure to do what we can.
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    This is old now, but yeah we have done some updates to the RCS. It's now 1000% better. @Voided
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    Im.nit at gome currently but my best was 37-10 Used- Legit config, rcs.
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    So I got bqck to csgo and realized that there is a legit options. I was curios about some cheats till I found legacyaim. I saw there is no detections and high quality codes. I bought it and started to configure my legit settings till I found the best I can to survive at dmg-lem at the moment. Its working perfectly, I win alot of games, the support is awesome, the cheat is awesome. Soon I will make kind of a fragmovies using legacyaim so you'll see how high quality it is. The best cheat so far and it will remain the best! Community staff: 10/10 So far best support I could get Aimbot: 10/10 Using the legit settings, working like a charm, i feel like a pro! Hitbox Triggerbot: 8/10 I still didn't found the best settings but its a beast imo Visual ESP: ?/10 Using lite version. Miscellaneous: 10/10 Tried RCS and bhop, rcs one of the best I saw and bhop working like a charm! Configuration & Cosmetics: 10/10 Easy to.manage, easy to.configure. Other: 10/10 Best cheat so far, the best out there!
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    Hi, Someone wanna rate or test out my legit config for high tier competitive? Test these settings, and tell me what you think! Are they to obvious? To little fov? I'm aiming for a natural feel of a pro player, watched a lot of cs 1.6 as of late and there you can really see their aim is rather "sticky" on the enemy.
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    Thanks for the share!
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    Come to papa. *This config will only work with the remastered version, it's a rage config so... use at your own discretion*
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    Hey guys, after purchasing and using LegacyAim over the last couple of weeks I figured that gave me enough information into the cheat to write a review so here goes! Community & Staff: 10/10 The community is fantastic, always available and ready on hand with any bug fixes or information about certain aspects of the hack that you're unsure of or just want help with finding the best settings possible for that legit feeling. The only criticism I would have is that sometimes is that when you make a topic it can take a while for any admins or community leaders to reply to it but that is only a minor thing as I know we all have other things we are busy with and can't reply to everything instantly. Aimbot: 9.5/10 Now this is the bread and butter of the hack, I love it. You have enough options for customising the bot to your liking from little to no help to assist with your own aim or you can let the bot take over and have a blast with it. Now my settings are on the low side, 1 - 2 FoV depending on guns and with the RCS system active and I have a great deal of success with it. Sometimes you have to play it down and miss a few things you'd hit to seem even more legit but that doesn't take anything away from how good the aimbot it. Again my only criticism of this is something I've mentioned before in a different topic and that would be the RCS System that is currently implemented in the Remastered version which either works full on at 100/100 or not at all if any of the values are below that but this is all a work in progress and I'm sure once everything has been ported over and tweaked you'll be able to have different levels of RCS which is something I like to make it seem even more legit. Hitbox Triggerbot: 9/10 I haven't used the triggerbot to a massive extent, only with bots only just to see how it works and how good it can work. Now if you want to full on rage then max your fov and have at it but because I'm a legit player I tend not to use the triggerbot at all so I can't really pass judgement on how well it can work against real people who have some weird movements at time but if you want to smack some bots with it, its going to work wonders. Visual ESP: 10/10 Ah good ol' ESP. Now these things can be a double edged sword if you're prone to looking through walls at enemies but I should hope that everyone doesn't tend to do that so you don't have any OW bans incoming ๐Ÿ˜‰ They over a vast array of information should you require that much such as health values, if they're reloading and bomb defusal kits to name a few. Me myself like the cleanness of not using that many to clog up my screen and just stick with health values now and again to see how i'm doing with my utility usage which does the job and I have no qualms about it. But the things I use the most are the Chams which are top notch. Yeah you get a bigger level of customisation on the advanced version but since thats getting removed in favour of Remastered, it was easier to go straight into using these. At the moment they only have one colour configuration but it works well on most maps and you can choose to have textured or untextured which is a nice touch too. The best option for these is also the fact that you can have it on visible only which only adds to the level of legit that you're currently using and doesn't bait you into the trap of looking through walls at people. I only have a couple of criticisms for the Chams and I know this can be a problem with most cheat providers is that it shows enemies as visible through smokes and if you're using chams it can be hard to tell when they've exited the smoke into your FOV so sometimes you can be caught headshotting through smoke but as long as you keep spraying afterwards it does tend to go unnoticed with the occasional "wtf" in chat . The other is that you have to manually change the chams when you change teams as it will keep the chams on CT if you played T first and visa versa but this isn't massive and one click changes them straight over. Miscellaneous: 10/10 All the options do what they say on the tin and with more to be added over to this from advanced I can't see there being any major bugs with any of them. I like to use the bunnyhop feature to get places a bit quicker and have a bit of fun every now and again. Configuration & Cosmetics: ?/10 I'll have to leave this as a ? for now since the skin feature doesn't currently work on Remastered so I can't pass any judgement on the actual use of it but from what I've seen it works well and you can have any skins you like for your weapons. Want Howl M4? Got it. Dragon Lore Awp? Got it. It'll be easy enough to use once they port it over and when they do I'll be able to update my review. Configuring the hack is as easy a 1,2,3. You point and click and voila! You're now an MM God who has a human round every now and again to throw suspicion off. Conclusion: 9.5/10 All in all I think the Remastered version is in a good place right now considering its a WIP. Once everything is ported over and all major bugfixes are sorted you're going to have a very robust, secure and great looking hack that you'll be happy to use to it's fullest whether you play against bots for 10 minutes before you go out or slay people in MM and be inundated with friend requests asking for carries to the next rank. Regards, br0ken
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    I greatly appreciate the effort put into this review. Thank you so much!
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    It's my pleasure to be able to use something as robust and well made as LegacyAim is and I know you will Zlitz, it's what makes this community a good place to be ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
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    We have already spoken about this here. But briefly, your in-game configuration menu is going to change. If you want to use another users config you will have to follow them on the community. But remember there configurations could be private and require the users permission!
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    Turn off all legit settings, turn on the triggerbot, set the only hitbox to the head. Max that FOV!
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    Hey man, just play around with the settings on your own. Decrease smooth, increase FOV etc...
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    Community & Staff: 10/10 Staff have been genuinely helpful and interested in making sure I have an excellent experience using their cheat, any question I have, regardless of how mundane or simple are answered instantly. Aimbot: 8/10 Very customizable, able to have any level of aim assist, amazing features like curve and a very robust RCS system, meaning you can set it up to fit any of your needs. Hitbox Triggerbot: 10/10 Being able to set wallbang settings as well as delay and how many bullets you fire at a time is great, when used in combination with the aimbot can get very dirty very quick, and can make you feel like its impossible to take a site off of you. Visual ESP: 7*/10 Advanced version works fantastically, every piece that they have works, from colored chams down to text color in the gui, however setting are either not finished or buggy for Remastered, although it I imagine it will be fixed when it releases. Miscellaneous: 8.5/10 Rank revealer, autopistol and standalone RCS all seem to work, however I couldn't get autoaccept to work at all. Configuration & Cosmetics: 10/10 Robust and manageable config system and the skin system works wonders, was a little disappointed in the stattrack system, as I thought it would add kills to it by itself, however, it works great if you want to test out certain skins for anything. Overall: 9/10 Very close to being a perfect cheat, and with a little bit of work the remastered is going to be a masterpiece, recommend this cheat to anyone, be it for the aimbot and trigger, or the chams and skins. thoroughly pleased with this, and I will be renewing my membership asap!
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    I use to use iniuria and it don't even compete with LegacyAim, LegacyAim is in a different league. Been here a while now, everyone is lovely and the cheat is fucking fantastic ๐Ÿ™‚
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    We have supported dangerzone since release.
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    Thank you for your review! We really do appreciate it. +1
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    This Cheat is very nice !!!!
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    Community & Staff: 9/10 - Very Impressive, that awesome for fast respone Aimbot: 10/10 -The best aimbot everywhere, use easy and setting. Hitbox Triggerbot: 8/10 - Very fast for tap Visual ESP: ?/10 - i dont know i user lite edition Miscellaneous: 7/10 - Like for use jumpshot Configuration & Cosmetics: ?/10 - i dont know user lite edition Thankyou Legacyaim
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    Nice guide, but it's a bit of an overkill. Guess security and myths are alike
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    I was your 300 rep point ๐Ÿ˜„
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