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    Boo Stairs' 10 11 12 step guide to not being overwatched or kicked (This is my personal guide, you don't need to agree but please give some feedback <3) 1. Learn to play the game without cheats. It's meant to assist and not be crutch. 2. Movement movement movement! Better players can easily spot people who are cheating based on how they move compared to how well they are doing. (Unless you are in casual, everyone blames everyone for cheating) 3. small FOV's for legit bot! (Never always on, have that hotkey set it LMB 💀 ) 4. small delays with triggerbots to make it seem lifelike 5. Don't say you're a smurf or have smurf in your name. 6. Scale your cheats based on your rank. This coincides with #5 7. Hitting more than 4-5 bhops perfectly at low level is a big no no. 8. Don't act like a dick (Most important one owo) 9. Try to not use walls if possible, easy to spot them if you seem like you know too much. 10. Communicate with your team, actually making friends in games makes you unsuspecting. 11. If someone accuses you, try to either ignore him or make it sounds like joke. (Optional if you're good at thinking up stuff at the spot) 12. Make some hotkeys for map switching for casual to avoid random kicks .-.
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    Dear community, We want to say thank you for joining us on this adventure so far. But the journey has to continue! Hopefully we didn't give anyone a heart attack, we just want to use your attention on the fact that we have a 40% discount. The April fools sale will end on the 06 April. Use the coupon code: "fooled" on checkout! Kind regards, -Z
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    1) Footsteps ESP would be amazing, I really like this suggestion. 2) We do have an autopistol feature in the misc settings I think, correct me if I'm wrong please. 3) This would be good for legit-type of cheating. 4) This one should be the easier one to add, let's see what the coder has to say about this one.
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    There's a checkbox for the outline now. Enjoy!
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    Dear community, We have created a custom algorithm that is able to detect if members in-game are cheating. Our algorithm consists of over 100+ functions to verify if a user in your game is cheating or not. I will display some of the functions as an overview below. We're happy to present to you 'Awareness v1.0' here: As you can see the layout is very simple and easy to read. We hope you like this brand new unique, never been done before feature. We can detect the following: Subtle aimbot Subtle wallhacks Subtle triggerbots Player profile information Player movement Player rank Rage cheating and much more... We can now officially scan for cheaters in-game but VAC can't Kind regards, -The LegacyAim Staff
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    Agreed, not sure why this was even a thing. We will get this fixed asap. Other suggestions will be added once APEX is released 👍
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    Nobody sells external cheats because they're inferior to internal cheats in terms of functionality, and performance. An external cheat being less detectable than an Internal cheat is a myth.
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    As long as you do not inject the cheat into CS:GO while logged into your main account, you will be fine. Keep note that if you have a mobile number added on your main account, and you also add that mobile number on the account you plan on cheating with, if you get banned, all accounts with that mobile number added, will receive an infraction too. Another thing to keep in mind, is that if you share your steam game library with another account and receive a ban on the account you have shared to, the ban will also transfer to the account that originally shared the steam game library.
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    Alright, Thanks for the quick answer!
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    We are adding a feature where you can change your username color, should be added soon. I will see if we can add this suggestion @Globii
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    PashaTriceps ♥ -Respect!
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    I'm probably one of the first few hundred to join this forum since the announcement of the new "League of legends scripts". Just wanted to pop in and say hello to all the OG's on this forum!. I would love to find a way to contribute, but I don't really play cs:go. I'm also in my last year of college for cybersecurity so I have basic skills in all aspects but I mainly just like to look around and learn as much information as possible. Respectfully, Sleepynut
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    Welcome to our humble CS:GO cheating platform. If you have any questions/doubts don't hesitate to let us know.
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    Dear Community, As you all know we will always support CS:GO and add new innovative features when we come up with ideas but you can only do so much before it becomes a novelty. We have had this idea of an invite only Ragebot for a long time now, but since CSGO is now a free game it seems like a good move for us to work on something that more and more users now want. How can I be invited? You can only be invited by the official LegacyAim staff. To be invited, you have to build trust and show that you are a worthy user. We are trying to build a set of highly skilled individuals who understand the HvH scene. We don't want this to be an "extra set of features" we want to get deep with this and challenge our competitors. Our goals with the Ragebot? We are trying to build the best Ragebot for all games not just CSGO. CSGO is without a doubt the most hack vs hack'ed game, so with this our intentions are to build a solid set of users who are experts within this scene to enhance our product. We don't want to settle for the normal Ragebot, we want to compete with the best. We believe we have the software engineering skillset to do this, so let's do this together. Extra price? Orr?? There is no additional payments on our packages, all you just have to be in is the "Advanced Edition & Contributor" user groups. We will never accept payments or "donations" for this invite, it will strictly be given to users who we think are competent to use such settings. The last thing we want is to give this power to novice cheaters. Data and your feedback will make this Ragebot the best in the business. Kind regards, -The LegacyAim Staff
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    We are pleased to announce our official Contributor rank. With this rank you will be able to do the following: Special forum rank 'Contributor'. Special Discord user rank. Access Subscriber area of our forums. Change your username every month. (Up to 2 times a month) All posts will be highlighted different compared to other users posts. 10% Discount credit for friends who wish to purchase our products. Direct communication on Discord in a group with all of our staff members. Access to early test cheats that aren't released yet. Larger community avatars. Can hide own content. Can lock own content. This is a one payment, lifetime subscription. Price including taxes is £49.95. View more information here about our new community product. Best regards, -The LegacyAim Team
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    Hello, We have been working on the new optimisation update that will provide the following; Drastically improved product performance. Easy to port to other games. Stream proof visual functionality. These three things are important for the future of our platform. We want you to test our product and give us your feedback. You will be able to use the beta Thursday - 8 November 2018. Please remember that not all of our features have been ported yet. Kind regards, -The LegacyAim Staff Team
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    Dear Community Users, Our upgrade to our newly improved community has been a long time in the making, but we are finally here with lots of golden cherries and other trinkets you are going to love. Please grab a cuppa and take a read at your new community. LegacyAim 3.0 Security Upgraded our backend to support the new encryption. We also added HTTPS. Something IPB3 would just never allow us to do due to our intense custom applications and fraud systems. Many other bits and bobs that cannot be discussed publicly, but incase you didn't noticed we also upgraded our privacy policy and other documents a while back to support the new GDPR that came out this year. We highly recommend you read this if you haven't already. Design Most noticeable change is our design, in the next month or two this is going to change even more. So prepare for that, however the centred theme is the same with more dark and eye friendly coloring to help you ease yourself into our seductive platform and features. Check out some rough snippets of what will be changing. Clubs We see you in your Steam groups with all of your cheating buddies, but now it's time that you and your LegacyAim friends have an exclusive club here on LegacyAim where you can share exclusive configurations and other secretive information only you and your exclusive members can know. Did I mention it can be exclusive? kappa Topics You have seen it already, but the massive blue button that allows you to make a post is now even easier for you. You should use this button to ask for help or interact with our community. Awards You've seen a little sneak peak at this one as well right? Well we have plans to make this integrated into your game and award you on your total kills and much more! Stay tuned for more updates on this. For now it will be used for community things such as what subscription you have brought and how many posts you have. Reputation Instead of the boring up vote or down vote, you may now do exactly the same but with a slice of gaben and some other funky emotes to show your love towards a certain post. Chatbox Yeah we upgraded this to a more responsive version of our old legacybox. Improving message times by 5 seconds to instant and allowing more responsive functions for your mobile. We have also added way more emoticons and other fun things such as spotify link sharing and leaderboard ranking. Commands and in-game functionality will be arriving super soon! Journey Upgrade So we got board of just telling you "hey we fixed this and added this" we want to display a complete roadmap for the whole project. We cannot show everything but feature wise we want to display to you that we aren't just relaxing with our feet up talking to you all, we are testing and adding in new features every minute. (Unless we are asleep, then I would be lying... alyssa ) Server Status Upgrade We changed the theme and layout of our server status. We have plans to also make it automatic, because right now it's just a super basic manual input system where we put in manually if something is offline etc.. but we are designing the API to make it check if the cheat don't work or is offline for X reason. It will also be displayed in real time for everyone to see. More Payment Methods We use to manually approve users for there ETH and BTC payments, now it's all automatic and in the store just like Paypal. There is much.... much more that has been added, however this is what is documented for now. Check it out, make a post or two and get friendly! Yours Faithfully, -The LegacyAim Staff 2018. @Zlitz, @Unique, @MrManiak, @Cha0s, @Noname, @FaceSteel Credits to @Sanctuary who kickstarted our community upgrade!
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    A few suggestions that may be worth considering: Footstep ESP (highlight even the faint sounds of footsteps with a visual, e.g. show a dot for 5 seconds where the sound was made) Autoswitch to Pistol (when primary is out of ammo, instantly switch to pistol) Smoke Aim/Trigger Adjust (allow aimbot and triggerbot to work when player is gradually becoming visible in the smoke) Disable Bunnyhop with Left Ctrl (when Left Ctrl is pressed, temporarily disable Bunnyhop so you can crouch jump onto boxes without looking dodgy) What do you all think of these?
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    Glad my suggestion helped 😉 Curve Factor basically makes the aimbot 'snap' look more natural by moving to the target with a curve in the movement rather than snapping to the target in a straight line.
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    These are my unbiased opinions and suggestions - A more optimized and better working skin changer, as this skin changer is extremely broken and doesn't really work that well. - Inventory Changer - Better visual customization Chams opacity Chams reflection (phong etc...) Better stream chams, they arent synced with csgo models out of fov indicators Health chams (basically colors change depending on health) Health bar location should be changable - Legit bunnyhop (basically just normal auto bhop but with randomized ticks to look legitimate) - Target switch delay - Better name, indicator esp. - Potential name stealer? It just gets all names from the server and adds a "𒋾" to the end (which is invisible in game) and no one would notice. - Hitchance system on weapon triggerbot - First shot delay.
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    Thanks for the detailed suggestions bud. I'm 100% confident that the coder will take a look at each and single one of these suggestions. But,I don't think these suggestions will be worked on promptly though, the cheat will have its final update this 15 and we'll move to another popular game cheat (soon to be announced). As soon as we finish that next cheat the coder will circle back to CS:GO and start working on suggestions. We do care about our customers.
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    Also disable cham from dead body (if possible)
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    Hi Guys ! Here's my simple setup for legit play . Let me know if you like it or not 😉 If you want to keep it simple use Legit version ! If you need extra power use Strong version ! HF 🙂 Ragemanxxx Legit.json Ragrmanxxx Legit Strong.json
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    Add one color for hide esp box , and one color for vizible esp box.
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    Thanks for the suggestion! As Silent said. It will be added in the near future :) Any other suggestions ?
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    I think you're referring to some kind of "Visibility Check" the same that our old advanced edition had. It's already been suggested and it'll be out in a future patch very soon.
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    I'm still making it, seems to glitch sometimes. if needed, make the "All Weapons" hotkey not Always so it only doesn't auto shoot. still being updated rn, ill update it every time i add weapon specific configs (Please Excuse if it's sub par to what better configs could be, i'm not very skilled at creating these. While in the making of this, i'm learning what setting does what and how each can be used for specific weapons. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!) 🗿 Shitty Example Video Update (1.3): Added more Visual Stuffs Added R8 Memes **Basically what i changed off screen after that simple 1v1 with a friend whos bad at hacking (lmao). Update (1.2): Fixed a Mistake of keeping a trigger on hotkey Added Better Hit Box Selection for AUTOs Added Delay between shots using AUTOs Update (1.1): Added Higher Minimum Damage for AWP, SSG, and AK. Added better Hit Box Selection for a Few Guns. Added Tigger and Aim for Taser. Added 1 damage minimum for AUTO to be hella annoying to everyone. (Still WIP) RageSilentMemes1.3.json
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    amazing man !
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    So, this guide is going to talk about configs. How to open, create, and explain in general. So, the Configs are TXT files for the Lite version. And JSON files to the Remastered version. And you can download them at the forum itself or make your own. So, we'll start with the file location, a question I've seen asked more than once on the site - Starting from the download, everything starts from the beginning. Download the Loader from the site and just put it in a folder or create a folder (priority). Then download the config you want from the site and then after you have downloaded the Config, put it in the Loader folder ---> Configs. If you are using Remastered, put it in the Loader folder -> Configs --> CSGO. And very simply, open the Client course as Administrator. Inject and then press Insert to go to Configs and find the Config you downloaded. To create a Config - Click Insert and go to Configs. Choose a name for your config and then click Create. You will then see your Config in the list. Then go to Legitbot / Other Features and choose what you want. Your settings, and any feature you want to be active. Then click Save Config and then enter the TXT file to verify that the changes have indeed occurred. And that's it; you have your own config :). Do not forget to post it to us;) ** Example of my loader's folder location, I just created a folder and placed the loader there. https://gyazo.com/6d9d3772d1f6b4dff8df0e197e2c61a4 Why did I write this? Because some people have been placing the loader in the desktop and then fail to locate the loader/config folder. **
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    Good suggestion! In our new loader updates I will be sure to do what we can.
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    This is old now, but yeah we have done some updates to the RCS. It's now 1000% better. @Voided
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    Hi, Someone wanna rate or test out my legit config for high tier competitive? Test these settings, and tell me what you think! Are they to obvious? To little fov? I'm aiming for a natural feel of a pro player, watched a lot of cs 1.6 as of late and there you can really see their aim is rather "sticky" on the enemy.
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    I plan on adding a subscriber area in the navigation bar where everything regarding your subscription, download and support topics will be found. Hopefully that's going to help!
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    We have already spoken about this here. But briefly, your in-game configuration menu is going to change. If you want to use another users config you will have to follow them on the community. But remember there configurations could be private and require the users permission!
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    Well I've purchased now either way zlitz and I'm looking forward to being part of the community and I think it says a lot about your project as a whole with you being so active within your community looking for feedback and places to improve all the time so I hope I can help in that regard at some point. Thank you for the welcome 👍
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    Turn off all legit settings, turn on the triggerbot, set the only hitbox to the head. Max that FOV!
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    Hey man, just play around with the settings on your own. Decrease smooth, increase FOV etc...
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    I use to use iniuria and it don't even compete with LegacyAim, LegacyAim is in a different league. Been here a while now, everyone is lovely and the cheat is fucking fantastic 🙂
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    Nice guide, but it's a bit of an overkill. Guess security and myths are alike
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    Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Check out our clubs, there is a club where users are sharing there configurations 🙂
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    I know i listen to shit music but i like my countrys music, im patriotic as fuck :D
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