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    A few suggestions that may be worth considering: Footstep ESP (highlight even the faint sounds of footsteps with a visual, e.g. show a dot for 5 seconds where the sound was made) Autoswitch to Pistol (when primary is out of ammo, instantly switch to pistol) Smoke Aim/Trigger Adjust (allow aimbot and triggerbot to work when player is gradually becoming visible in the smoke) Disable Bunnyhop with Left Ctrl (when Left Ctrl is pressed, temporarily disable Bunnyhop so you can crouch jump onto boxes without looking dodgy) What do you all think of these?
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    1) Footsteps ESP would be amazing, I really like this suggestion. 2) We do have an autopistol feature in the misc settings I think, correct me if I'm wrong please. 3) This would be good for legit-type of cheating. 4) This one should be the easier one to add, let's see what the coder has to say about this one.
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    I'm still making it, seems to glitch sometimes. if needed, make the "All Weapons" hotkey not Always so it only doesn't auto shoot. still being updated rn, ill update it every time i add weapon specific configs (Please Excuse if it's sub par to what better configs could be, i'm not very skilled at creating these. While in the making of this, i'm learning what setting does what and how each can be used for specific weapons. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!) 🗿 Shitty Example Video Update (1.3): Added more Visual Stuffs Added R8 Memes **Basically what i changed off screen after that simple 1v1 with a friend whos bad at hacking (lmao). Update (1.2): Fixed a Mistake of keeping a trigger on hotkey Added Better Hit Box Selection for AUTOs Added Delay between shots using AUTOs Update (1.1): Added Higher Minimum Damage for AWP, SSG, and AK. Added better Hit Box Selection for a Few Guns. Added Tigger and Aim for Taser. Added 1 damage minimum for AUTO to be hella annoying to everyone. (Still WIP) RageSilentMemes1.3.json
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    amazing man !
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    Thanks for this config bud. It's really good. To everyone else; if you want to see this config in action, check this yt video the OP just uploaded.
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    Hey guys, I was doodling on my notebook, and I made this... Please respond honestly b/c I want to improve