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    Dear Community, As you all know we will always support CS:GO and add new innovative features when we come up with ideas but you can only do so much before it becomes a novelty. We have had this idea of an invite only Ragebot for a long time now, but since CSGO is now a free game it seems like a good move for us to work on something that more and more users now want. How can I be invited? You can only be invited by the official LegacyAim staff. To be invited, you have to build trust and show that you are a worthy user. We are trying to build a set of highly skilled individuals who understand the HvH scene. We don't want this to be an "extra set of features" we want to get deep with this and challenge our competitors. Our goals with the Ragebot? We are trying to build the best Ragebot for all games not just CSGO. CSGO is without a doubt the most hack vs hack'ed game, so with this our intentions are to build a solid set of users who are experts within this scene to enhance our product. We don't want to settle for the normal Ragebot, we want to compete with the best. We believe we have the software engineering skillset to do this, so let's do this together. Extra price? Orr?? There is no additional payments on our packages, all you just have to be in is the "Advanced Edition & Contributor" user groups. We will never accept payments or "donations" for this invite, it will strictly be given to users who we think are competent to use such settings. The last thing we want is to give this power to novice cheaters. Data and your feedback will make this Ragebot the best in the business. Kind regards, -The LegacyAim Staff @Zlitz, @Unique, @MrManiak, @Silent, @Noname
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    You can do this, simply checkout using PayPal. PayPal will then tell you to cover the rest it will use the linked card to your account. It's called "backup card".
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    Nice work team https://legacyaim.com/staff
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    We have supported dangerzone since release.
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    Yep all features and everything should be done this month. Meaning remastered will finally be removing the current old base with the more improved feature rich one.
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    My Legacy Aim Review. Note I have only used the advanced version Visuals - 9/10 It is the best visuals I have seen. They sometimes bug out but that is a rare occurrence. Aimbot/Triggerbot - 8/10 I didn't really use it that much so I can't give it a bad rating but it was good whenever I used it miscellaneous - 9.5/10 I never used auto hop or strafe but the auto accept and rank reveal is great. Overall - 9/10 this cheat is great if you want a legit cheat or if you want to mess around. I 100% recommend this cheat 🙂
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    i hit mg2 on my first 30hours playing csgo using legacyaim 😄 wbu you guys ?
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    Okay Sorry about that after using the cheat for more couple days Aimbot is 10/10 im using @17h configs and they are looking legit :) interface is 9/10 i'll suggest to add some icons and stuff Triggerbot is 7/10 However because sometimes it get bugged or idk what and it dont shoot Visuals is 9/10 fully configurable you can change colors etc but sometimes when he's a little bit far you cant see him in general i will give the cheat 8,5/10
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    Thank you for the update! I enjoy reading these reviews. +1
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