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    Agreed, not sure why this was even a thing. We will get this fixed asap. Other suggestions will be added once APEX is released 👍
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    These are my unbiased opinions and suggestions - A more optimized and better working skin changer, as this skin changer is extremely broken and doesn't really work that well. - Inventory Changer - Better visual customization Chams opacity Chams reflection (phong etc...) Better stream chams, they arent synced with csgo models out of fov indicators Health chams (basically colors change depending on health) Health bar location should be changable - Legit bunnyhop (basically just normal auto bhop but with randomized ticks to look legitimate) - Target switch delay - Better name, indicator esp. - Potential name stealer? It just gets all names from the server and adds a "𒋾" to the end (which is invisible in game) and no one would notice. - Hitchance system on weapon triggerbot - First shot delay.
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    Thanks for the detailed suggestions bud. I'm 100% confident that the coder will take a look at each and single one of these suggestions. But,I don't think these suggestions will be worked on promptly though, the cheat will have its final update this 15 and we'll move to another popular game cheat (soon to be announced). As soon as we finish that next cheat the coder will circle back to CS:GO and start working on suggestions. We do care about our customers.
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    Also disable cham from dead body (if possible)