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  1. Zlitz

    Simply place it in your csgo configs folder
  2. Zlitz

    Keeping it simple with the new update, all white
  3. Zlitz

    Thank you for the input! These features will be ported over however we are working on porting the trigger it over next. Thank you for the good feedback! +1
  4. Zlitz

    Hello, Sharing my new legitbot configuration. Enjoy! 🙂 remastered-config.json
  5. Zlitz

    Hello, you are not a subscriber. Please make a ticket so we can assist you further.
  6. Zlitz

    Thank you for your honest review! +1
  7. Zlitz

    Thank you for your honest review! Hope you continue to use our services. 👍
  8. Zlitz

    We are pleased to announce our official Contributor rank. With this rank you will be able to do the following: Special forum rank 'Contributor'. Special Discord user rank. Access Subscriber area of our forums. Change your username every month. (Up to 2 times a month) All posts will be highlighted different compared to over users posts. 10% Discount credit for friends who wish to purchase our products. Direct communication on Discord in a group with all of our staff members. Access to early test cheats that aren't released yet. Larger community avatars. Can hide own content. Can lock own content. This is a one payment, lifetime subscription. Price including taxes is £19.95. View more information here about our new community product. Best regards, -The LegacyAim Team
  9. Zlitz

    Thank you for the honest review. I want to say that the skin changer would've been fixed almost instantly if it wasn't because of our recode development. I've added two weeks back to your subscription for the inconvenience.
  10. Zlitz

    Hitting the 1 hour mark
  11. Zlitz

    Loader Design Update

    We plan to make the loader more information rich, but we have to plan this correctly as we do not want to compromise on our current security precautions for some fancier features. More in-depth error codes. Auto Load the cheat. (Including authentication, good for LAN events) Loader loading bars, show the loader is working and doing it's thing. Use a modern framework design, such as our cheat menu. (Brand consistency) More security functionality that cannot be documented...
  12. We will be porting our new code base to other source engine games first as a test. This is one of them. More information coming soon 🙂
  13. Zlitz

    Nice guide, but it's a bit of an overkill. Guess security and myths are alike
  14. Zlitz

    Released the update! Please re-download your loader. Check it out here:
  15. Dear Community, If you do not know already we have implemented a referral system where if your desired link is used on purchases you will receive 30% store credit which can be cashed out to your PayPal account! It works like the following: Go to your referral system page. Send the "Direct Link" to your friends/promotional users. Once that link has been used for a purchase you will see 30% of that subscription purchased in your credit. Make a ticket and ask for a payout. There is no limit, you can cash out at any time! This also works if your friend keeps auto renewal on there subscription, so you will always be cashing out 30% of there subscription. If you are a YouTube, or a social media influencer, I'd recommend you read this thread as you will receive more benefits. Best regards, -The LegacyAim Staff