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    Dear Community, At Legacy Software Group Ltd we want to welcome a new developer to join our amazing team. We are seeking for an ambitious reverse engineer to join us. If you do not know by now we are planning to expand to other games, however doing so is going to require our team to grow first. Requirements: Experience in C++ programming language for developing game cheats. Knowledge to reverse engineer new games in a swift fashion to bring product to our market. Identifying anti-cheating algorithms and being able to develop technologies to keep our product secure. You must be deadline-oriented, able to problem solve and be in-depth with your ideas and strategies. Benefits: We offer profit sharing for products sold on our platform. The better the product, the better the profits. Additional: Legacy Software Group Ltd is a fully registered legal company based in the United Kingdom. You can view our company website here. If you have what it takes fill out an application. You will be notified within 24 hours if you have been accepted or not for the lead developer role. Kind regards, -Legacy Software Group Ltd
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    Please read here: https://legacyaim.com/faq
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    Simple install the loader, ensuring your firewall options are turned off and boom. That's it.
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    Please use this thread:
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    You can request a hwid change at anytime and it's free. So if you change to two machines frequently and there is nothing fishy going on it wouldn't be a problem. Not heard of this error: "fail to load system service 0xC0000428. " here.
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    Hello, please send me your transaction id in the personal message you've sent me. I will close this thread to avoid confusion. Cheers!
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    Thank you very much for the review, really appreciate it! +1
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    Good to see you in the subscriber areas! Any questions please message me or make a support thread.
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    Feel free to ask any questions you have. We are happy to answer them for you.
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    You can do this, simply checkout using PayPal. PayPal will then tell you to cover the rest it will use the linked card to your account. It's called "backup card".
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    1. This will be added. 2. We will be adding a bunch of these features, however these are considered as "rage" meaning you'd need to be invited to the new ragebot for this. 3. This will be added.
  12. Easily done, will add to our list. 👍
  13. Dear Community, We are currently undergoing research to find out where everyone comes from! How did you find out about LegacyAim? Simply answer below and the poll. Many thanks, [email protected]
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    Dear Community, As you all know we will always support CS:GO and add new innovative features when we come up with ideas but you can only do so much before it becomes a novelty. We have had this idea of an invite only Ragebot for a long time now, but since CSGO is now a free game it seems like a good move for us to work on something that more and more users now want. How can I be invited? You can only be invited by the official LegacyAim staff. To be invited, you have to build trust and show that you are a worthy user. We are trying to build a set of highly skilled individuals who understand the HvH scene. We don't want this to be an "extra set of features" we want to get deep with this and challenge our competitors. Our goals with the Ragebot? We are trying to build the best Ragebot for all games not just CSGO. CSGO is without a doubt the most hack vs hack'ed game, so with this our intentions are to build a solid set of users who are experts within this scene to enhance our product. We don't want to settle for the normal Ragebot, we want to compete with the best. We believe we have the software engineering skillset to do this, so let's do this together. Extra price? Orr?? There is no additional payments on our packages, all you just have to be in is the "Advanced Edition & Contributor" user groups. We will never accept payments or "donations" for this invite, it will strictly be given to users who we think are competent to use such settings. The last thing we want is to give this power to novice cheaters. Data and your feedback will make this Ragebot the best in the business. Kind regards, -The LegacyAim Staff @Zlitz, @Unique, @MrManiak, @Silent, @Noname
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    We have supported dangerzone since release.
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    Hello, Sharing my new legitbot configuration. Enjoy! 🙂 remastered-config.json
  18. Yep all features and everything should be done this month. Meaning remastered will finally be removing the current old base with the more improved feature rich one.
  19. A hitchance feature is something we can definitely add! 🙂 @MrManiak
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    Thank you very much for your review! +1
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    Thank you for the update! I enjoy reading these reviews. +1
  22. Let's share what our visuals and menu setup's look like. Due the nature of how highly configurable our cheats are I figured it'd be fun to see how some users have configured the cheat. Here is my latest setup! Menu screenshot: Visual ESP:
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    Our last full userbase detection was over a year ago. You should be worried about using any cheat. Anything can happen, but as it stands things are very secure and we are looking stronger going into 2019.
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    Thank you for your review! We really do appreciate it. +1
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    Yes our cheat is a legit cheat that is stream proof. We are working on our chams being stream proof as well!