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  1. BEFORE ANYTHING, ENGLISH IS NOT MY NATIVE LANGUAGE AND IM WORDBLIND SO... PLEASE GO EASY ON ME :D Community & Staff: 10/10 Honestly, its rare that you find a community and staff that are calm and chat friendly.. I've been around and tested ALOT of cheats and been doing " Review " of the cheat they wanted me to test. Legacy aim is by far the best, We are not big in any form or shape, but we do have a cheat and a community that is strong and powerfull! Aimbot: 8/10 Not the best i've tryed, BUT with that said, its the best when it comes to adjustment. i've only seen a few issues with the aimbot but its minor flaws. Hitbox Triggerbot: 5/10 Okay, this one is tricky.. i dont like triggerbot in general but i've tested around with it for a good while.. i dont like it.. to me its to obv to use but with a few adjustmens here and there it can be "LEGIT" or look like it Visual ESP: 10/10 well, its just like ALLMOST every other hack out there that gives visual hack. not much more to say. ITS GREAT! Miscellaneous: 10/10 Just like the visuals, not much to say other than its GREAT to have so much to fool around it Configuration & Cosmetics: 9/10 Allright, for me i dont give a rats ass about how my weapons look and my gloves or my knife.. it does not do a damn thing.. until you find a skin that you find EPIC looking on your weapon.. haha .. its nice to have this, tho useless when it comes to gameplay Other: ?/10 errrh? other... i guess this is my own words on the things? if not, my bad! OVERALL its a STRONG hacking tool we work with here, and its SO in depth that you can look SO damn legit that it allmost hurts your butt to look at i came here thinking, well this is just like every other hack out there.. but no! its by far the strongest tool out there ( that i know of and tested ) Fool around with the hack for a little while and test out how stuff works and you will find a hacking tool that is strong and can be just like you want it to be! :cool: HAPPY HACKING & THANKS FOR THIS AWESOME HACK! Very happy buyer! PS; i would gladly play with you guys 😄 could be fun with a full team of hackers =D still a thing i want to try