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    Post here u cfgs for community
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    My oficial cfg for main not banned after 60 games i have prime and global,only rcs in rifles and smgs,awp aim flickshot,pistols mix the shoots with trigger to look legit backtrack ticks safe mm.txt My cfg with aim in rifles(never tested in matchmaking only with bots i will test in future and edit this post).mm2.txt
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    Kappa xD
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    and last detection?
  5. 17h

    anony cupom for new user?im from satan5 and i my sub expire today i see this cheat look good,i want security,aimbot working with rcs(satan5 not work) chams only visible(i use only this in visuals and skinchanger) and edge jump if possible(jump from window to L in mirage and other jumps) any cupom and this cheat have this what did I mention above? sry bad english im from brazil