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    Community & Staff: 10/10 Great staff here. Can't complain much Aimbot: 7/10 Aimbot is pretty good. Everything works accordingly, but one issue I had was that sporadically the aimbot wouldn't work. Not too happy about its consistency. Hitbox Triggerbot: NA Didn't use triggerbot Visual ESP: 10/10 The walls worked great no complaints. Really like the customization with the colors and different options Miscellaneous: 10/10 The other small things worked great. Bhop scripts were excellent. Skin changer was good but complaint regarding it. More at the bottom Configuration & Cosmetics: 8/10 UI was nice. One thing that bothered me was my aimbot settings did not save. I had to add my settings every time . Frankly, this didn't affect me since I didnt use the aimbot, but something to note. Other: 7/10 This cheat is not detectable by VAC so + for that. One thing that really bugged me is this I purchased the advanced edition mainly for its skin changer aspect. I wanted to try new skins without having to pay hundreds on them. When I first downloaded the advanced edition, the skin changer didn't work for gloves or knifes. I reported this and the devs fixed it in 2 weeks. I feel like I was ripped off since legacyaim false advertised 'skin changer', and that it took almost half the duration of my subscription to fix the issue. Another thing that bugs me is that legacyaim has no hvh features. I understand that it is built around legit-hacking, but it will always be nice to have the option to spinbot. Also, really nice features added such as chatbot and MM confirm bot.