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  1. Sesquipedalian

    Yeah they did develop a sc2 cheat, it's gone now of course but it was the best shit ever
  2. Sesquipedalian

    179 fov and 0 smooth.
  3. Sesquipedalian

    I heard there is a pro player using LA
  4. Sesquipedalian

    about 30/10 💪
  5. Sesquipedalian

    welcome bro, just remember that the cheat is still undergoing major updates so stayed tuned for that 🙂
  6. Sesquipedalian

    I have 127 wins using LegacyAim. No vac bans or anything. What's yours?!
  7. Sesquipedalian

    yeah i use it on faceit and this other shit ac. it works and hasn't got me banned yet
  8. Sesquipedalian

    Nissan gtr, a45 Mercedes, porsche 911
  9. Sesquipedalian

    I use to use iniuria and it don't even compete with LegacyAim, LegacyAim is in a different league. Been here a while now, everyone is lovely and the cheat is fucking fantastic 🙂
  10. Sesquipedalian

    Nice work team https://legacyaim.com/staff
  11. Sesquipedalian

    Supreme 😄
  12. Sesquipedalian

    Best cheat to closet on to be fair I'd recommend legacy
  13. Sesquipedalian

    chams in the remastered will be out soon and stream proof like the rest of the cheat. STREAM PROOF CHAMS, IT'S A MIRACLE.
  14. Sesquipedalian

    I know I am bumping an old one but this is sick! Next word: cum