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  1. Sesquipedalian

    Give this game a try https://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/english I am fucking slow as ass
  2. Sesquipedalian

    nice guide mate
  3. I am nearly near the 8k hour mark! 🙂
  4. Sesquipedalian

    the fucking GOAT
  5. Sesquipedalian

    chatbox has now been added to the cheat, so fuck beating other cheats haha
  6. Sesquipedalian

    That's fucking sick, I must admit it does look cool and back in 2015 you guys was the first to ever do this I remember 😄 However nothing beats toggling the cheat in game
  7. I was your 300 rep point 😄

    1. ExEnN


      Thanks ma boi ❤️

  8. Beating aimware was super easy, as there legitbot wasn't that great
  9. Sesquipedalian

    Never see anyone get overwatch bans on LegacyAim.
  10. Sesquipedalian

    Yeah all the other cheats are shit compared to LA tbh.
  11. Sesquipedalian

    Found you on hackforums.net