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  1. deadz667

    @Sesquipedalian ur a big troll Nice
  2. i hit mg2 on my first 30hours playing csgo using legacyaim 😄 wbu you guys ?
  3. deadz667

    i updated it sorry about that
  4. deadz667

    Okay Sorry about that after using the cheat for more couple days Aimbot is 10/10 im using @17h configs and they are looking legit :) interface is 9/10 i'll suggest to add some icons and stuff Triggerbot is 7/10 However because sometimes it get bugged or idk what and it dont shoot Visuals is 9/10 fully configurable you can change colors etc but sometimes when he's a little bit far you cant see him in general i will give the cheat 8,5/10