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  1. Grenade bounce pathing. ie: you see how the grenade will bounce across walls ect. useful when playing maps you dont usually play, and making sure you are aiming in the right spot for tricky grenades. Automatic smokes/flashes. ie, you hold down throw with a grenade in hand while standing in a certain location, a small indicator shows up on the screen for where to aim to get perfect long smokes/flashes. This one seems like it would be a ton of work, mainly from getting nade positions on each map, but would be a really unique feature that I dont think anyone has.
  2. Zaschwyn

    Community & Staff: 10/10 Staff have been genuinely helpful and interested in making sure I have an excellent experience using their cheat, any question I have, regardless of how mundane or simple are answered instantly. Aimbot: 8/10 Very customizable, able to have any level of aim assist, amazing features like curve and a very robust RCS system, meaning you can set it up to fit any of your needs. Hitbox Triggerbot: 10/10 Being able to set wallbang settings as well as delay and how many bullets you fire at a time is great, when used in combination with the aimbot can get very dirty very quick, and can make you feel like its impossible to take a site off of you. Visual ESP: 7*/10 Advanced version works fantastically, every piece that they have works, from colored chams down to text color in the gui, however setting are either not finished or buggy for Remastered, although it I imagine it will be fixed when it releases. Miscellaneous: 8.5/10 Rank revealer, autopistol and standalone RCS all seem to work, however I couldn't get autoaccept to work at all. Configuration & Cosmetics: 10/10 Robust and manageable config system and the skin system works wonders, was a little disappointed in the stattrack system, as I thought it would add kills to it by itself, however, it works great if you want to test out certain skins for anything. Overall: 9/10 Very close to being a perfect cheat, and with a little bit of work the remastered is going to be a masterpiece, recommend this cheat to anyone, be it for the aimbot and trigger, or the chams and skins. thoroughly pleased with this, and I will be renewing my membership asap!
  3. A setting where when the aimbot or you fires a weapon (primarily deagle) it quickly counterstrafes to stop your movement completely, giving you 100% accuracy on the first shot.
  4. Zaschwyn

    Yeah, works the same as in MM