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  1. LvKafija

    i play MM rarely so i can tell that i have 1k+ hrs with LegacyAim on this acc
  2. LvKafija

    No SC2 hack here anymore :C Only CSGO hack and realy good thou 🙂
  3. LvKafija

    Man you have so many visuals on. I would put on toggle botten and use only chem or esp. BUT you'r the man :)
  4. LvKafija


    And i was woundering why RCS is not working :D
  5. LvKafija

    Ps. Aim works true buy menu and TAB. @@Rufle
  6. LvKafija

    CLAN TAG? Standalone RCS, with possibility to correct strength!
  7. LvKafija

    Heroes & Generals, CSGO, PUBG, Assassin Creed (ALL OF THEM) ETC
  8. LvKafija

    CaN we get more porn?
  9. LvKafija

    Have not been here from day one, but once i bought Zlitz cheat i never went other providers. Zlitz is Love, Zlitz is Life! #LegacyCore soontm
  10. LvKafija

  11. LvKafija

    Nice post! i would say Just use Commonsense !
  12. LvKafija

  13. LvKafija

    So what number does use LegacyAIM?
  14. LvKafija

    Well that's a skill :)
  15. LvKafija

    Wiiiiii haaaaa. I love my self <3 parrot multiparrot gentlemanparrot sillyparrot parrotmustache