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  1. spraggroat

    I'm probably a user of the same other cheat, and I'd recommend you swap here and give it a go. Detection is almost the same time, maybe a few months after theirs.
  2. spraggroat

    Turn off all legit settings, turn on the triggerbot, set the only hitbox to the head. Max that FOV!
  3. Also really looking for this feature, as it's really handy with other internals. When they fast walk, you put a x or whatnot where they stepped, within a reasonable distance of the player. Really looks legit and you can even help the team and be the headphone god in lower ranks.
  4. spraggroat

    Simplier version of that system: a grenade waypoint. You have a small menu for point for grenades that you can name, then you press a hotkey while looking at a wall to create a point there, go to the menu and name it what you like, maybe a checkbox to enable and per map checking. That way you know the exact aimspots and can have them saved, but it would look like legit memory using map points anyhow.