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    Keep up the good work! My experience here has been nothing but perfect and I look forward to my further use of the cheat.
  2. First off I would like to say this cheat is amazing. Sure, there are some bugs (only one i have experienced is crashing after a few games or so but i just re inject and play again!). Lets begin with the aimbot. Aimbot After daily use I can say the aimbot is the best I have ever used compared to other cheats. I have played countless games and have never been called out for cheating, even when being a tryhard and upping it up a little so my team could come back. The humanization is absolutely perfect and can make you appear to be a pro player with ease. Additionally, the customization options are great. Triggerbot I personally do not use it as much, mostly with a scout or an AWP. Though, just like the aimbot, the customization like burst and delay make it a wonder to use and appear totally legit to any opponent spectating Visuals Man I love these visuals. I don't use chams, mostly esp and skeleton, The customization options (feel like im rambling on about them, but they really are wonderful to have) are plentiful and useful, and as a user who has purchased many cheats in the past I can say these are the best i have used. Misc + Skin changer Not much to say about the skin changer, everyone already knows how cool it is to have the skin/knife/glove you always wanted to have. As for the misc features go, I love them as well. Everything works as it should and thats all I could ever ask for To summarize. My time using this cheat has been the best legit cheating experience I have had, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a legit cheat with tons of customization, friendly community, and great staff.