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  1. br0ken

    Yeah I've just been reading up on that with it going from advanced into remastered so hopefully all runs smoothly, I'm looking at using chams instead of a glow esp for that further legitimate feel so I don't get sucked into the whole obvious wall hack shenanigans haha 😊
  2. br0ken

    Well I've purchased now either way zlitz and I'm looking forward to being part of the community and I think it says a lot about your project as a whole with you being so active within your community looking for feedback and places to improve all the time so I hope I can help in that regard at some point. Thank you for the welcome 👍
  3. So as you can see I've gone ahead and become a member of this community and purchased the advanced hack. I'm hopefully going to be able to give it a thorough testing over the weekend and have a tinker with a few settings. I'm really looking forward to messing around with the skin changer and seeing how the aimbot stacks up against the one I was currently using along with the chams and esp. All in all excited for a new venture into a different hack and the community that comes with it. Regards, br0ken
  4. br0ken

    I guess we're more or less on the same wavelength then, I'm definitely considering moving over to here since I'll get more options within the hack itself and it's also cheaper and from the UK which is a big plus haha, my subscription runs out next month for my other one but I may just let that run out and start using this one very soon.
  5. br0ken

    Sounds promising then, I'm a bit wary when it comes to hack that's have been detected in the past 3 months or so since the hack I'm currently using has also gone undetected for well over a year now too
  6. br0ken

    Hi, I recently stumbled across your site when looking for alternative option to the legit hack that I am using now and paying quite a bit for the small amount of features I do have access to and then extra on top of that to have ESP aswell. I'm looking at different options and what's swaying me here is the plethora of options you get in the advanced bundle along with being a UK based group which plays to my strengths being from the UK too 😊 So my question is a simple one really which is when your last detection date for the hack was. Regards br0ken