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  1. Added: Cheat Scanner (Miscellaneous -> Cheat Scanner) Always Show Wallhacker warning Detection: < 0.5 likely not cheating > 0.5 likely cheating Chatbox (Unfinished) Crash fixes
  2. Added: Weapon ESP Draw Box Draw Box Outline Draw Name Bomb ESP Draw Box Draw Box Outline Draw Name Changed: Moved Grenade ESP to Entity tab Fixed: Aimbot snapping issue when looking directly up
  3. ByteMe

    Nobody sells external cheats because they're inferior to internal cheats in terms of functionality, and performance. An external cheat being less detectable than an Internal cheat is a myth.
  4. ByteMe

    As long as you do not inject the cheat into CS:GO while logged into your main account, you will be fine. Keep note that if you have a mobile number added on your main account, and you also add that mobile number on the account you plan on cheating with, if you get banned, all accounts with that mobile number added, will receive an infraction too. Another thing to keep in mind, is that if you share your steam game library with another account and receive a ban on the account you have shared to, the ban will also transfer to the account that originally shared the steam game library.
  5. ByteMe

    Recoil Crosshair

    Added: Recoil Crosshair Fixed: Auto-Knife Chams will still be applied while dead
  6. ByteMe

    Hidden Chams Update

    Added: Hidden Chams colors can be chosen in the color picker You can now set the individual RGB of each color in the color picker
  7. ByteMe

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed: Stream Chams are fixed Crashes on team selection fixed Grenade Prediction fixed
  8. ByteMe

    Color Update

    Added: Custom Colors Fixed: ESP visuals will still be active even when dead. Notes: Lite Edition replaced with Remastered Lite.
  9. ByteMe

    CS:GO Update

    Fixed: Updated to work with the latest version of CS:GO. Issues: Grenade Prediction is not working. Skin Changer is faulty.
  10. ByteMe

    Auto-Stop | Bug Fixes

    Added: Auto-Stop (Misc -> Movement -> Auto-Stop) Fixed: Can now jump off ladders with bhop on Fixed Aimbot targeting invalid entities Fixed crash with Engine Chams. General fixes
  11. ByteMe

    Hi doll, Thanks for reporting this issue, I have now fixed it. The fix will be released in the next update.
  12. Added: Backtrack (12 ticks for 64-tick servers, 24 ticks for 128-tick servers) Backtrack Visuals Grenade Prediction Aim lines Grenade ESP BSpotted Only option (Will apply ESP to players who have been spotted on the radar or are currently visible to you) Issues: If you experience crashes, try turning off all cheats before joining a match. Once in the match, turn the cheats back on. Stability patches will be released throughout the week.
  13. Added: Bounding Box ESP Healthbars Fixed: Skin Changer Bugs: Skins will break when Engine Chams are on. Working on fix ASAP.
  14. ByteMe


    Added: Chams Visible Enemy Only Notes: Basic update for Chams. Hand and weapon customization will come in future updates.
  15. ByteMe

    RCS rework & Bug Fixes

    Added: Reworked RCS system. Please reconfigure your settings. Fixed: Fixed various crashes.