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  1. Analwax

    No Spread is possible actually. Look up Interwebz I used to use them like a month ago. they had a perfect no spread for mm
  2. I like to sometimes when legit hacking is to have the aimbot off and nospread and norecoil because it can be helpful and would like to see this feature added in future.
  3. Analwax

    That will thankyou!
  4. Analwax

    I think that the website needs to be hotfixed for things like Cheat Download and Client Arena and Installation options because it took me about 30 minutes to figure it out aka i had to ask a Staff Member because the web developer isnt very good at setting this stuff up.
  5. Analwax

    I'd say legit-ish especially on remastered lol
  6. Analwax

    Anti-Kick: There is a method that cancels out the vote against you i usually keep it as a bind but would be good to callvote without having to use the bind. The best one to overlap the vote is "callvote scrambleteams" which if everyone presses F1 to vote you off it basically resets the game and you can continue using it. Another method which i can't confirm yet but seemed to work was as soon as someone called a votekick on me i would switch to spectator then the other team and they couldnt click the vote button cause it bugged out. Unsure if this would work 100% of the time though. Cheers Analwax