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  1. GoodFella

    It is internal version sir.
  2. just add the game to your library and it'll be there for permanent.
  3. GoodFella

    Well, Simply.. just use legit settings while you cheating. That means smoothness and FOV settings which are legit. You can find legit configs or make your own and play with the settings till you get a really good legit config. I used legit config for like 2 months and never even got reported (maybe a couple).
  4. GoodFella

    Have fun! Thanks for using legacyaim!
  5. GoodFella

    Amazing review brother
  6. Great guide fella!
  7. GoodFella

    hey sir, i'll definitely will check for ya :)!
  8. This is the best offer you can get guys :) Use it, its worth!
  9. GoodFella

    just gonna remind ya'll :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSYW-sSEfXc
  10. GoodFella

    Thanks for sharing brother ! Keep up the good work!
  11. GoodFella

    That's a good suggest tho. But I was doing well with AUG's with triggerbot with medium fov and medium settings, psilent and triggerbot to shoot like 2-3 bullets. Marking head,neck,upperchest in settings. Try those btw :) Have a wonderful night !
  12. GoodFella

    amazing man !
  13. GoodFella

  14. GoodFella

    watch the nip one, you'll cry
  15. GoodFella