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  1. canaadriane

    lol I think I remember Zlitz wanting to develop an SC2 maphack at one point. thats why I initially joined
  2. canaadriane

    Depends on who I play with, most usually I've always been a closet cheater though since the people I play with are all legit. I normally have aimbot, triggerbot, and ESP on as well as Bunnyhop but smooth would way up. I've learned over the years ( and over the course of 20+ VACced accounts) how to hide information that I wouldn't have received if I was playing without cheats. However, If i play with other cheaters you better believe I'm going full spinbot 🙂. I just recently got into CSGO again a couple days ago after getting an RTX 2060 and I've only been using Bunnyhop.
  3. canaadriane

    😮 other games? 😛
  4. canaadriane

    LOL OMG I remember this 😛 that was a looong time ago
  5. canaadriane

    for sure, when they released the mobile app I was blown away. where's our mobile app? 😜
  6. canaadriane

    really depends on the config they have.
  7. canaadriane

    Found you on d3scene around december of 2014 😛 been a subscriber ever since, thank god for lifetime 😄
  8. canaadriane

    personally i havent been hit in a year+. Last time I got hit was due to another cheat provider.
  9. canaadriane


    ooh whats a member award
  10. canaadriane

    Here's mine, wanted to go for a darker theme so it was lighter on the eyes especially at night.
  11. canaadriane

    Starcraft was a lifestyle. Once I got Masters I felt so proud
  12. canaadriane

    thanks for the answer :)
  13. canaadriane

    Would it be possible to show where a player's actual head is when they're using Anti-Aim? Like an ESP head dot on their actual head?
  14. canaadriane

    haha thanks, you have my love <3
  15. canaadriane

    sound ESP would be really awesome too. maybe enemies on Radar? where it draws where people are on the ingame radar?