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    lol I think I remember Zlitz wanting to develop an SC2 maphack at one point. thats why I initially joined
  2. canaadriane

    Depends on who I play with, most usually I've always been a closet cheater though since the people I play with are all legit. I normally have aimbot, triggerbot, and ESP on as well as Bunnyhop but smooth would way up. I've learned over the years ( and over the course of 20+ VACced accounts) how to hide information that I wouldn't have received if I was playing without cheats. However, If i play with other cheaters you better believe I'm going full spinbot 🙂. I just recently got into CSGO again a couple days ago after getting an RTX 2060 and I've only been using Bunnyhop.
  3. canaadriane

    😮 other games? 😛
  4. canaadriane

    LOL OMG I remember this 😛 that was a looong time ago
  5. canaadriane

    for sure, when they released the mobile app I was blown away. where's our mobile app? 😜
  6. canaadriane

    really depends on the config they have.
  7. canaadriane

    Found you on d3scene around december of 2014 😛 been a subscriber ever since, thank god for lifetime 😄
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    personally i havent been hit in a year+. Last time I got hit was due to another cheat provider.
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    ooh whats a member award
  10. canaadriane

    Here's mine, wanted to go for a darker theme so it was lighter on the eyes especially at night.
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    Starcraft was a lifestyle. Once I got Masters I felt so proud
  12. canaadriane

    thanks for the answer :)
  13. canaadriane

    Would it be possible to show where a player's actual head is when they're using Anti-Aim? Like an ESP head dot on their actual head?
  14. canaadriane

    haha thanks, you have my love <3
  15. canaadriane

    sound ESP would be really awesome too. maybe enemies on Radar? where it draws where people are on the ingame radar?
  16. canaadriane

    That or closest to crosshair
  17. canaadriane

    CSGO and Rocket league. Aside from that ive been playing a lot of single player games again
  18. canaadriane

    Heya. Whats cooler than being cool?
  19. canaadriane

    I haven't been around since day one but I've been around since the first year, can definitely vouch for the quality and security of the cheat
  20. BHOP and Tabzware? They're both really big. A guy named MasterLooser too.
  21. Getting into CSGO again

  22. canaadriane

    Just saw this, cant wait for it to be released!
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    lmao what is this
  24. canaadriane

    :O ive been away for a few months. was there a wave?
  25. canaadriane

    @@Oppai who the are you