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  1. tabh

    You gave rep to the wrong post 😋
  2. tabh

    Ah well - I had a feeling it wouldn't. Is there any post from Valve/Steam on the matter confirming that as such?
  3. tabh

    Yeah, bro if that was from playing totally legit then I will eat my hat. I don't have a hat FYI, but you get my point 😝
  4. tabh

    Glad my suggestion helped 😉 Curve Factor basically makes the aimbot 'snap' look more natural by moving to the target with a curve in the movement rather than snapping to the target in a straight line.
  5. A few suggestions that may be worth considering: Footstep ESP (highlight even the faint sounds of footsteps with a visual, e.g. show a dot for 5 seconds where the sound was made) Autoswitch to Pistol (when primary is out of ammo, instantly switch to pistol) Smoke Aim/Trigger Adjust (allow aimbot and triggerbot to work when player is gradually becoming visible in the smoke) Disable Bunnyhop with Left Ctrl (when Left Ctrl is pressed, temporarily disable Bunnyhop so you can crouch jump onto boxes without looking dodgy) What do you all think of these?
  6. After a long time of inactivity on my main account, I finally have Overwatch again! I wonder if I started using the hack on that account whether having Overwatch would decrease ban risk significantly (because of trust factor, etc.)? It's nice watching the bad hackers who can't hide their assisted game-play to save their lives. 🤣
  7. tabh

    Turn aim to humanised (not linear), set aim smoothing to about 50... I think that's what allows me to control recroil. I'll share my config later when I'm back home.
  8. Okay, basically I am trying to do some data mining and wanted to split my PCs resources to run multiple instances of the same process. But I would need a different IP for each 'machine' for it to be permitted.
  9. My dudes, I have created a team in CEVO ready to go once I have some people committing to it, and once the hack is back up. Please post here or PM me if you're wanting to give it a go. Once we've linked up and played some regular competitive matches together, we can then start building the roster in CEVO. I'm not the best at 'callouts' so I'd want someone else to take the lead on that front. Now - I'm all ears 👂
  10. FYI - I have created a team in CEVO now, ready to go and start some scrimmages once LA is back up.
  11. Hey my fellow LA dudes and dudettes! I just tried running a VPN in a VM and it caused a BSOD - has anyone ran a VPN successfully in a VM and what packages were you using? I'm doing this for totally legal reasons... don't worry 😇
  12. With this poll I just want to ascertain the rough locations of everyone so that we can organise anyone wanting to participate. Initially we'll play some casual together for a bit of fun, but also to get an idea of each others play style, etc.
  13. tabh

    I think you have to turn on friendly fire for it to work in Danger Zone mode. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm fairly sure that's what I had to do to fix it.