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  1. Globii

    Alright, thats sad. Thanks anyways.
  2. Globii

    Hey there, So, the Contributor Badge is showing when making Posts but, why isnt it showing on my Profile? Would it be possible to also show it on my Profile?
  3. Globii

    Hello there and Welcome to LegacyAim. Enjoy your stay 😃
  4. Globii

    Yes, no Visuals. Only RCS, nothing else.
  5. Globii

    Absolutely Legit only. Only playing with RCS On for AK and M4.
  6. Globii

    There have been some VAC Bans in the Community like 2 weeks ago. Some got banned (like me), some didnt.
  7. Globii

    I'd like to see Support for USB's. Me for example, I dont like having Cheats on my PC so I'll keep them all sorted on my USB Stick, sadly this wont work for LegacyAim since it will always Crash, as soon as you want to open the Menu.
  8. Globii

    What? xD
  9. Globii

    What about "Exclusive Edition" Owners? Do we have to buy it aswell to get the Tag?
  10. Globii

    Well, no idea what to say here other than: Im Back. Have been gone for over a Year now, found my way back to this Site and will be looking forward for some good and fun Times with you guys. If you have any questions feel free to ask ;)
  11. Globii

    We'll see how it goes =) Thanks for the answers. Maybe I dont need it anyways, I already sold 2 of my skins ... 2 more to go and I can purchase the Lifetime Edition
  12. Globii

    Hey there, I just saw you sadly only Accept PayPal and Bitcoin, which I both do not use (Takes 5 - 7 Days for me to add Money on my PayPal), im interested in the Legacy Edition, thats why im asking if there is a possible way to get a Trial for the CSGO Cheat. More than glad to add money to PayPal, but it would be nice if I could test it a few games first. PS: Is there any other Payment Method (PSC, Paymentwall)..? PPS: I think I was a Lifetime user back in 2015... PPPS: Nevermind, up to you if you want to give me a Trial, trying to sell my Skins on OPSkins and Transfer it to PayPal, we'll see how it goes.
  13. Globii

    Okay, added you for now.
  14. Globii

    Best of luck on your way, Sir. I might add you for a few Rounds of ARK (just bought it im still a noob), we'll see!