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  1. NachtJoker

    That's understandable, other cheaters are not likely to judge you. I never made a friend in cheating communities in all these years cause I think everyone is sketch, but I've made some great acquaintances.
  2. NachtJoker

    Is it a certainty that you guys will be requiring ID for private?
  3. NachtJoker

    Is this actually happening? ph34r
  4. NachtJoker

    As Zlitz said, scripting died alongside Joduskame.
  5. NachtJoker

    I like the idea of an auto leveler.
  6. NachtJoker

    When you started playing CS (Any cs)? Early 2006, stopped 2010, started playing CS:GO in 2013. What's your favorite team in cs1.6 & now (csgo) My favourite team in 1.6 was Frag eX, in CS:GO SK Gaming, solely because of the roster. Who is the best Player in cs1.6 & now (csgo) In 1.6 either Markelof or Devour, in CS:GO right now coldzera, though i don't cheer to much for teams or players these days due to players being too arrogant.
  7. NachtJoker

    You're looking in the wrong place, be careful though the people who approach you regarding this on any sites are most likely scammers.
  8. NachtJoker

    I hope this hasn't scarred anyone in your family and i wish your family and you a fast recovery.
  9. NachtJoker

    Not going to lie, I'm wondering how all is going to turn out. @Zlitz You are hurting my eyes with that dp.
  10. NachtJoker

  11. NachtJoker

    It really doesn't
  12. I never said it was meant to serve that purpose, but if people genuinely wants to help when someone is asking for help in the SB they can tell them what is the right way to get help, and leave the sarcasm and hostility out, and that person will probably never do it again. I know it's also above the SB, but some people are distracted, so this kind of situations are meant to happen.
  13. I mean if it bothers you that much spend less time reading the shoutbox then. Not to be rude, but most people asking for help in SB are new, and if you ban them as soon as they make a mistake it will probably hurt the community.