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  1. Oppai

    Nospread is not possible on valve servers, your best bet of getting nospread like tendencies are using an mp9 or mac-10 while jumping.
  2. Oppai

    anything fun and new happening?
  3. Oppai

    @Cosmo where do you see yourself in the upcoming years?
  4. Oppai

    You're more talented than me and I'm jealous.
  5. Oppai

    autowall on trigger is not really needed because it does not look legit. visual checks on smoke isn't a bad Idea though.
  6. This is not really a project that took a while so no credits for me. however for his sick designing skills as without it there would not be any image. this is very poorly done but it is a cool shitty project. http://editor.steamcustomizer.com/3L01W steps to installing this garbage is here https://youtu.be/1DCASELGu4M?t=2m12s
  7. Oppai

    Hey, thats pretty good.
  8. Oppai

    Lucky u didnt run Into me yet jew
  9. Oppai

    Welcome fellow New Yorker, I do hope you enjoy your stay ! <]
  10. Oppai

    Im pretty confused. EDIT : Why do people -rep its pretty lame.
  11. Oppai

    This is quality entertainment.
  12. Oppai

    I dont get it :^)
  13. Oppai

    Howdy partner.
  14. Oppai

    If you bought this cheat for legit play stay away from the rage tab. I can Confirm angel angles are patched aka Lisp Angles. Rage tab can be tuned but Im pretty sure its not a priority for them right now.