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  1. smoki

    always global on all accounts
  2. smoki

    nice :D
  3. smoki

    I hope there will be one day cheat for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege
  4. smoki

    And lifetime users will be Advance users or Private? Thank you
  5. smoki

    I dont know if you want to make another cheat but BattleEye is pain in the ass, they detected public cheats easily... but i would like to have all of these cheats except H1Z1
  6. smoki

    and also it would be great to have Spectator list, Rank reveal
  7. Hello, id like to suggest you a some trigg feature: Trigger Aim spot (its good especially for scout or pistols if you can put hit spot only for head)
  8. smoki

    GL to everybody
  9. smoki

    Yes i know it, but i want to just add another option for a customized text :)
  10. Hi i have a few suggestions 1. Knife Bot -with that you can easily kill with knife without clicking 2. Customized text in clan tag changer - you can type your own text in animated clan tag, like now is moving LegacyAim.com 3. Name changer (i know its fixed and you can now rename yourself like 5 times per 10 rounds or something like that) - but its good to troll or to be harder kicked in casual.. 4. Walk bot- good in derank lobby, my friend have it in his private and when he enable it, he will walk and be like a bot and he can be afk from pc or etc... Thanks for reply
  11. #LegitPlayer4president dakujem :)

  12. smoki

    migy is a diry contributor
  13. smoki

    Oh god :O its soo good :) great work and Thanks for it :)
  14. smoki

    Wich text you want: smoK1 Colors: Doesn't matter. Background: Your snow wolf signature is so awesooome :) can u do something like this please ? :) many thanks