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    Community & Staff: 10/10 -Tried to help me the best they could, very fast replies and great support. The error was on my end but they tried their hardest to get it fixed and that's all that matters. Aimbot: 8/10 -PSilent doesnt seem to work for me and that's one of my main legit things I need in a config but the aimbot section is easy to work with and looks legit if you know what you're doing of course. 😉 Hitbox Triggerbot: 10/10 -I dont use it that much often but it is reliable. Visual ESP: 9/10 -Health bars are somewhat glitchy but not gamebreaking, everything else is perfect. Miscellaneous: 10/10 -FOV works great bhopping is nice but I dont really use whats in misc. Configuration & Cosmetics: 99/10 -Literally my favorite part, the customization of this cheat is fantastic! The config system is great so you dont have to restart your cheat when adding some new cfg's the skin changer works beautifully and the sleek design of the ui itself is just great. The reason it isnt 100 is because the glove changer is a bit buggy and there is no sticker option for your skins. Other: 10/10 -Probably my favorite cheat I've ever had. Not being bias, I've went through some cheats and this one is my all time favorite and will most likely always be! 😄
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    also who's watching you
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    Thank you for the giveaway and even if i don't win this giveaway thank you for setting this giveaway for all the members.
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    migy is a diry contributor
  5. Please add stream or screenshot proof visuals that doesn't show up on stream,screenshots,game recording or streaming software. Just that :)
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    I Love You
  8. Hi ! I'm posting my testimonial after a year. It's the best cheat ever in my opinion. I had some problems at the starting but it's all good from then. AIMBOT 10/10: The aimbot works really well. At first it might take you some time fixing your settings but after you find your perfect settings it's all good. The aimbot helps a lot and the other players can't really know you are using one, which looks very legit. It's easy to configure. VISUALS 9/10: Visuals are really nice. The skin changer is the best in my opinion, at the moment. The skin changer has a bug ongoing but hope it's gonna be fixed soon. The thing i don't like about esp is unlike other cheats the esp isn't far enough to see further enemies, But It's really pleasant to have our own designed features. RCS 10/10: Works perfectly, easy to configure. TRIGGERBOT ??/10: I never used it as nobody accepted to give me correct settings for it, I have always been shooting by myself and I still had fun with the cheat. I guess it's nice as everyone says good things about it but as I didn't test I can't have a honest opinion on it. I guess I would still recommend it, even if I don't play with it. COMMUNITY 8/10: It takes time for someone to reply if you are having troubles or something like that. Some people are nice, but the majority doesn't even care about what you are doing/asking which isn't good in my opinion. Hopefully, I had some help thanks to some of the staff members. Was hoping to get Legacy Aim but ended up losing all my money and My Subscription is gone :(. I would recommend this cheat to everyone who reads it and who is still choosing if he takes a subscription or not.Thanks for reading it, and I hope it will help newbies. Best Cheat Ever
  9. Also please add who is spectating you