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    Hello, after using this cheat for almost 2 weeks, i think it's time for me to make a testimonial for this cheat. Aimbot 9/10 The aimbot is very legit and you can configure the settings easily through the menu, there are also different configuration for each weapon type (pistol, rifle, sniper), the only thing i don't like about the aimbot is that you can't use silent aim unless your FOV is not higher than 1, it's made that way so it looks very legit, after all this is a very legit aimbot, its not for hvh. Visuals 9/10 This cheat provides alot of visual options such as bomb esp, box, charms, radar and ingame radar, they also have toggle for ESP and only show charms if the target is visible, also you can customize the colors you want, but there are features that i wish you can add like SoundESP, overall the cheat provides great visuals and very clean looking. Triggerbot 7/10 The triggerbot settings is very lacking, it is very simple, it has delay and hitscan, it works fine but it doesn't have alot of important options such as weapon configuration, hitbox for each weapon, overburst, and overburst on kill. Misc 10/10 There aren't many misc features and this section is still in progress because patch 5.6 is not released yet but so far it's pretty good, it has bunnyhop, it can also reveal ranks in competitive match, also you can save/load configurations and it also has knife skin changer, it only changes the knife type currently but in 5.6 you will be able to change all weapon skins and knife type + skins, this easily deserves 10/10 for the skinchanger. Menu 10/10 The menu is very unique and it looks very nice, you can easily navigate through all the settings without any issues, everything is clear and it's very easily to customize your own settings, overall it looks very good and very clear. Price 10/10 The price is very affordable, it only costs 13.95$ for a month time, also once you buy this subscription you will have access to the the game cheats they will provide in the future which is amazing, this cheat easily deserves the price they ask for and even more. Security ??/10 Since this version of the hack is very new, i can't score the security, but so far the hack is undetected and i hope it stays that way. Conclusion Overall i would definately buy again, they deserve it, it's very affordable and provides amazing legit aimbot and great features, if you are looking for legit hack this is exactly what you are looking for, but if you want to rage and play HvH then i wouldn't recommend this hack for you.
  2. Bahamen5

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJVwHF9b5Dw i call dis talent
  3. Bahamen5

    I've played in Faceit for 3-4 games using this hack, i didn't face any issues and i actually used Visuals too. Edit: idk about the new anticheat, i've used this on Faceit around 2-3 weeks ago.
  4. Bahamen5

    it's rage RCS not for legit, it works the way it's supposed to, the whole cheat will be reworked at 28.sept if think.
  5. Bahamen5

    thanks for sharing this, i just received this game that i wanted for few days but i couldn't afford for free :)
  6. Yeah i was really confused too i had to check the wiki, thanks for sharing this.
  7. Bahamen5

    it's not psilent, it's normal silent aim, even if u use fov 1, you will get ow'ed eventually.
  8. Bahamen5

    u took money and stopped updating, is that why u got demoted?
  9. Bahamen5

    With this amount of userbase, i highly suggest against this as it's a waste of time.
  10. Bahamen5

    nothing is done yet, atleast give us free 1 month
  11. Bahamen5

    delay to 70 is already faster than any human reaction probably.
  12. Bahamen5

    why the fuck u have skins on that account?
  13. Bahamen5

    How can u get the ip of the server? --nope---check this
  14. Honestly i would wait before buying any hack, but if you insist i will answer your questions: 1. it won't hit through walls it will hit if you have triggerbot key held, it's all your skills, there isn't relentlessly hitting unless u want it to. idk about no scoping it works with everything 2-4. honestly if you just want triggerbot, there are way more better hacks for triggerbot and probably more private and lower userbase which is more secure, but if you want more features than just triggerbot, this hack offers great price for the features it provides.
  15. Bahamen5

    Skinchanger would be great but i doubt they will fix anything for the next 2 weeks