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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJVwHF9b5Dw i call dis talent
  2. Bahamen5

    I've played in Faceit for 3-4 games using this hack, i didn't face any issues and i actually used Visuals too. Edit: idk about the new anticheat, i've used this on Faceit around 2-3 weeks ago.
  3. Bahamen5

    thanks for sharing this, i just received this game that i wanted for few days but i couldn't afford for free :)
  4. Bahamen5

    Yeah i was really confused too i had to check the wiki, thanks for sharing this.
  5. Bahamen5

    u took money and stopped updating, is that why u got demoted?
  6. Bahamen5

    With this amount of userbase, i highly suggest against this as it's a waste of time.
  7. Bahamen5

    nothing is done yet, atleast give us free 1 month
  8. Bahamen5

    delay to 70 is already faster than any human reaction probably.
  9. Bahamen5

    why the fuck u have skins on that account?
  10. Bahamen5

    How can u get the ip of the server? --nope---check this
  11. Bahamen5

    Honestly i would wait before buying any hack, but if you insist i will answer your questions: 1. it won't hit through walls it will hit if you have triggerbot key held, it's all your skills, there isn't relentlessly hitting unless u want it to. idk about no scoping it works with everything 2-4. honestly if you just want triggerbot, there are way more better hacks for triggerbot and probably more private and lower userbase which is more secure, but if you want more features than just triggerbot, this hack offers great price for the features it provides.
  12. Bahamen5

    Skinchanger would be great but i doubt they will fix anything for the next 2 weeks
  13. Bahamen5

    oh my god, you are absolutely braindead, no more discussion with you.
  14. Bahamen5

    dude, you don't even have level 2, how do u know that's it's pretty legit, it's not rcs, it's basically (no-recoil) but called rcs, idk if u got a good level 1 rcs but it's not the same.
  15. Bahamen5

    wait wait wait, the rcs on lvl 2 isn't a good thing, it's for raging not legit, iguess for the price i paid, the hack is decent.