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    Before reviewing I actually want to tell you that I didn't use all the cheat features which are many. I will be reviewing only those that I tried. Legitbot: 10/10 Pretty nice, name explains it all. If you have a good configuration and you practice a bit, overwatch will have a hard time reviewing your demo. Visuals: 9.2/10 The best walls I've ever used, pretty customizable and clean. The only issue is the range of that you can see through walls which is not a big problem!! Triggerbot: 10/10 Just perfect. Misc and bunnyhop: 11/10 I have no words to describe their ease of use and their functionality. And now something that hurts me: Security: 1/10 I got untrusted using 5.7-5.7.1 and 5.7.4 on different accounts with legit settings! That's the biggest drawback and thats the reason I won't extend my subscription, at least not in the nearby future and until this is fixed. Overall, a very good cheat with very good potential if security is fixed. It's my second time buying a subscription and both times Zlitz had security problems (First time on November 2015). Thank you Zlitz for providing a great product but your Security for a respectable amount of subscribers just sucks. Thank you for reading!
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    I subbed starts of september for 1 month. Now I am just a member?!? What is going on?
  7. pavlakoc16

    Agree. Until 5.7 is released , a sample would be great.!
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    Look I have a med spec pc , and I play med low low high on the settings getting around 200 fps ingame without the cheat and still 200 when not seeing enemies but when I see enemies my fps fall but not more than 30-50
  9. pavlakoc16

    That's weird I dont have major fps drops like those you describe now...Maybe try lowering your Video settings or so.
  10. pavlakoc16

    Review of Hybrid Z1 Aimbot 9/10 Very good Aimbot and with legit settings it's really legit looking. Glow/ESPs 9/10 I really liked the Glow and the ESPs which you can add/remove whenever you want. Bunnyhop 10/10 Perfect Bunnyhop without any issues.Just Perfect. Radar ?/10 Haven't Tested this feature since I feel that I dont need it. RCS ?/10 Heard it's buggy and thats why I didnt test it yet. Trigger ?/10 Same as RCS Chams 10/10 Really good especially with the new update which allows you to choose whether you'd like to enable it only when enemies are visible. Overall 9/10 Still needs small updates but it's really promising, I recommend it to everyone who'd like to legit cheat.That was all thanks for reading everyone. I dont know why but I dont have big fps drops only like 20 fps or so.Maybe you are doing something wrong m8s
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    Well did KQLY got perma aswell?
  12. pavlakoc16

    Wait Wat , Wasnt it mikaela who was senting messages to everyone about his/her private cheat?please prove me wrong but i think she was and he didnt get banned? wut wut
  13. pavlakoc16

    Well done!That might help some Turkish users who are not familiar with English.
  14. pavlakoc16

    Good Luck out there :D
  15. pavlakoc16

    Lately keys' price in the community market have been reduced more than the ingame purchase price. If you are interested in buying keys go fast and buy them now.! EDIT : Their price went up again.