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    I subbed starts of september for 1 month. Now I am just a member?!? What is going on?
  6. pavlakoc16

    Agree. Until 5.7 is released , a sample would be great.!
  7. pavlakoc16

    Well did KQLY got perma aswell?
  8. pavlakoc16

    Well done!That might help some Turkish users who are not familiar with English.
  9. pavlakoc16

    Good Luck out there :D
  10. pavlakoc16

    Lately keys' price in the community market have been reduced more than the ingame purchase price. If you are interested in buying keys go fast and buy them now.! EDIT : Their price went up again.
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    See you on the Sub Shoutbox then!
  12. pavlakoc16

    You're Welcome.
  13. pavlakoc16

    It lost some fame due to a developer that "Scammed" Zlitz by reporting his own hack to Valve sth that made some damage to ZlitzForum. It was Nov 5th , i think The first ever detection in the history of ZlitzForum, I cant guarantee you myself that next detection will be when even best private cheats will get detected. My information should be correct.Mods always have the best answers , just to know.
  14. pavlakoc16

    It takes some days before people buy all of them. I can say it will be a little bit hard to find after 15th.
  15. pavlakoc16

    It's not really possible that slots will be off till tomorrow but to answer your question, No you cant reserve slots to buy later :D