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    Private will be the only option for the next game you release cheats for? Limited spots, will you add new slots over time or will be a strict amount and only when a subscriber leaves will another slot become available?
  2. Scripted

    Would love a PUBG cheat. But with settings like CS. Where I could use a trigger bot and have aimbot so it's not/barely noticeable and chams(or whatever it's called the paints the enemies yellow). Also, Destiny would be good for long shot prediction. His BoL Divine prediction was the best. From deciding on which cheat to getting one into beta phase, how long does that take usually? First you need to figure out how to beat the anti-cheat? Then build the cheat? Curious. Cheers
  3. Scripted

    Found you guys through Bot of Legends. Someone recommended.
  4. Scripted

    Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive should be in there.
  5. Scripted

    Ahh never mind I'll figure it out. Delete/close or let die. :D