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  1. ThePaidAssassin

    Just goint to bump this up here to see if anybody has any different answers down the line.
  2. ThePaidAssassin

    Hi guys does anyone know a place to get LOL scripts? I want it to be the same as Legacy Aim in the way that it doesn't get detected! Any help is appreciated :)
  3. ThePaidAssassin

    Hey guys. Something that I think would be greatly appreciated for the newbies would be a skin thread which highlighted each skin so they would know which skin is which. I know for a fact I spent about half an hour cycling through the different skins to see whats what. I know this would be a nightmare to put together so perhaps just a list of the most popular/expensive? Sorry if this is a totally trivial thing however I reckon it would be a little time saver for newbies :)
  4. ThePaidAssassin

    Fair enough for point 2 and 3 however I still think there is more to be added with point 1. Adding a second bind to each class would add so much more to the cheat. It would allow us to control situations alot better than we can now. Triggerbot can only get you so far and adding a second bind would be so much better!
  5. Hey guys, Been using the cheat for about a week now and its just how I remember it. It's perfect and just signed on for another month before I purchase the Legacy Edition. However I have noticed a few things that would be good to implement however this may be from a personal level and may not have the vote from everyone! 1. Another keybind for the LegitAim. So you can bind your left mouse as well as another button as currently it is fairly hard to one tap people with your pistol before getting to that headshot. Adding an extra bind would mean you can choose if you want to go for the one tap or for multiple shots. (This is good so that you can choose how legit you want to be in the moment). 2. The sniper is a tiny bit annoying right now. So I use my mouse button to bind my sniper aim so that when I press it, it replicates the flick movement to snipe people. It is also binded to the middle of the chest. It looks legit as I have a tweaked it enough for it to be slow enough to be not detected but quick enough to work. However when all I can see is their head, it will not snap to their chest at all. It just doesn't work. Perhaps implement something that acts as the triggerbot hitboxes work? 3. Shoutbox :D These are just my findings and this is totally personal opinion. This is an amazing hack and I'm playing at a much higher ELO that I should be at :D Thanks. Assassin.
  6. ThePaidAssassin

    Yea man :D They are really good. I never said I made them either... I did change the rage settings though which is my config2! But yea, the one I showed above is yours :P
  7. ThePaidAssassin

    Hey guys, I have my settings set pretty good when it comes to rifles, however my pistol settings are horrific. Can someone show me how to make my pistol settings good? This is them right now. https://gyazo.com/d093e0e015a07d8bf505a21865c3e55b Any help is appreciated. Cheers.