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    customer panel says oops somthing went wrong
  2. explodincreep

    Hey, because you need a card to buy it, what you can do is buy a gift voucher and then redeem it for yourself
  3. explodincreep

  4. explodincreep

    Hack is almost useless right now, I suggest you wait a week before buyign
  5. explodincreep

    Will I get compensated for the downtime?
  6. I've had this hack for 2 hours now and I really think the reviews are fake, the hack crashes every 5 minutes, autopistol doesn't work nor does triggerbot, I really need help setting up this thing, I've asked in the shoutbox but none of the staff are willing to help. Please help me.
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  8. explodincreep

    Thanks, I will be buying the 1 month subscription on the 22nd of this month, this hack seems really good so far
  9. Kawaii on the sheets, loli on the streets

  10. explodincreep

    Thanks, I also want to know if this hack has ever been detected? and what security features it uses, thanks!
  11. explodincreep

    Hello, I'm new to legacy, I would like to ask if the hack has any legit profiles, thanks!